Intermediate Deity (Neutral)

His clerics say that Manethak guides goliaths to the best game, although he teaches that “Each goliath must throw the spear himself.” Manethak’s followers contend that the search for game is the most important part of the hunt, and that the best hunter is the one who knows the most about his prey. When the hunt is over, Manethak’s followers are the first to share what they’ve learned around the campfire. Manethak looks like an elderly goliath, but he is always depicted hunting, leaping, or performing some other action that leaves no doubt he’s still spry.

Portfolio: Hunting, lore.

Domains: Animal, Knowledge, Luck.

Cleric Training: Many goliath hunters pray to Manethak, of course, but goliaths who take care to explain to others what they’ve learned on the hunt—the nuances of an elk’s tracks or the feeding patterns of a cave bear—have taken Manethak’s lessons to heart. Thus young clerics of the goliath pantheon practice aptitude as both hunters and teachers.

Quests: When a particularly dangerous monster threatens goliaths, Manethak often arranges for a hunting quest to slay it. Manethak is also eager to hunt down lost lore of the goliaths and artifacts of bygone ages.

Prayers: Prayers to Manethak take the form of a request or goal, followed by the means to achieve it. For example, a prayer said before butchering a carcass begins “May Manethak bless this animal for the good of the tribe. May he bless it as we separate flesh from bone, hide from meat.”

Shrines: A flat rock where game is butchered serves as Manethak’s shrine. Because food preparation is a messy job, the shrine usually isn’t decorated.

Rites: Manethak’s most well-known rite is the “ritual of the hunt,” which concludes with the hunters briefly mimicking the movements and actions of their prey.

Herald and Allies: Manethak’s herald is an old silver dragon with 28 Hit Dice. His allies are barghests, greater barghests, and elder arrowhawks.

Favored Weapon: Spear.

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