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Intermediate Deity
Symbol: Three orbs on a field of four tentacles
Home Plane: Carceri (Orthrys)
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Portfolio: Hatred, Grudges, Water, and Decay.
Clergy Alignments: Lawful Evil, Neutral Evil, Chaotic Evil, True Neutral
Domains: Destruction, Evil, HatredSpC, RetributionSpC, Trickery, Water, WrathSpC
Favored Weapon: Tentacle and Whip

Summary::A Lord of Evil so utterly consumed by hate as to literally drown itself in a sea of its own manifested emotion. He desires nothing more than the ruin of Oan. Malazter was believed to have been created by a cry of such ineffible hatred upon the cataclysmic death of the elder evil Azter that his cry echoed in the darkness and reflected was a god formed out of his own disgust. Malazter has a terrible relationship with his "brother" Oan, God of Life and Growth. Created at the same moment, Malazter represented desire with a weak presence of body to interact with the world, while Oan represented a body with a weak presence of desire, instead choosing to spread his will out among the world of Cor so that those living upon its lands may know free will. Powerful but impotent, Malazter seeks any way to affect the real world to his fullest and destroy Oan's creations.

Malazter takes on the form obscured by an entire ocean of brackish water, the manifested presence of raw hatred in ectoplasmic form. Within the miasma glows three red eyes. The body seems to be vaguely fish-like in shape, with many tentacles expanding out in all directions. However his real face has never been seen.

Dogma[edit | edit source]

Ultimately Malazter wishes for nothing less than the utter destruction of creation and the establishment as himself as a being capable of shaping the cosmos, though given his ineffable hatred it is doubtful he would actually be capable of creating anything were he to succeed. However such dogma is unpopular to all but the mad, and so most of his followers tend to take him for his aspects of hate. He empowers those who have felt slighted... the racist, the bitter, the envious, the wroth... within them he builds hate, and through this cancerous evil in the hearts of men he commits evil. Man turns on man, and the structure of order and civilization erodes...

Clergy and Temples[edit | edit source]

There are few churches to Malazter, save the occational mad cult, but he has a surprising number of individual followers who are unconnected and often unaware of each other. People enjoy revenge, and he is more than happy to grant his followers the power to bring such revenge to fruitation, for the small price of insuring their hatred settles in as a permenant prt of their personalities.

Pantheon[edit | edit source]

Malazter is part of the Cor pantheon.

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