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Lesser Deity
Symbol: A spider with a eye on its back crying blood
Home Plane: Carceri (Cathrys)
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Portfolio: Disease, Vermin, Oozes, and Filth.
Clergy Alignments: Neutral Evil, Lawful Evil, Chaotic Evil, True Neutral
Domains: Evil, Plant, Scalykind, Pestilence, Slime, Spider
Favored Weapon: Kukri

Summary::God of disease and all ills which spawn from the natural world, no one is friends with Makatiel, but he cares not. An amorphous giant anenome bleeding pus and slime, his oozy release spawns countless nightmares unto the world, mutating what it touches into gibbering aberrations and hostile beasts. It is said he rides a Hell Frog composed of slime, pitch, and tears. Makatiel is interested only in the success of his dire spawn, which means the downfall of all others, meat to be consumed.

Makatiel is a god of the Nibiru Pantheon.


To survive you must feed and destroy what is not you. All others are slaves or meat, or both if it is fit. Take what you can and move on, that is the way of even the simplest life.

Clergy and Temples[]

Cancer Mages (from Book of Vile Darkness) adore Makatiel, and mad or cruel druids do as well. A few monster races take part in worship, including more neutral-minded Drow, as his love of vermin matches their love of spiders. His temples are filthy cesspools even an Otyugh would hesitate to enter, but they are consider holy lands, birthplaces for the next vile "blessing" his touch would bring to the planet.

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