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Magicite SummoningEdit

Magicite: (N) A stone consisting of the consolidated essence of an esper (see second line)

Esper: (N) Play Final Fantasy 6 for a complete definition

Once an encounter, a person equipped with a piece of magicite can summon the esper within it by expending an appropriate spell slot or, in the case of martial characters, hit points equal to the required spell level. Saves are based on the esper's charisma modifier and the equivalent spell level.

Esper-Spell level required-effects-Charisma score-Item slot magicite takes up

Cait Sith-1-Targets need to make will saves or suffer of the confusion spell-12-boots

Siren-1-Will save or rendered mute and takes 2d6 damage (Not reduced by save)-16-belt

Zona Seeker-1-All allies get a +4 bonus to saving throws-14-ring

Ramuh-2-Reflex Save or take 5d6 lightning damage-18-Neck

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