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Maddened Edit

Summary::The subject is overcome with confused hysteria, unable to act normally.

Those afflicted succumb their will to a state of confused hysteria. Afflicted subjects are unable to act on under their own accord.

Roll on the following table at the beginning of an afflicted subject’s turn each round to see what the subject does in that round.

Maddened Effects
  d%    Condition Description
01–20 Hatred Attack the source of madness with melee or ranged weapons (or close with the source of madness if attack is not possible).
21–30 Primal Scream Do nothing but make loud noise and shout babbling nonsense.
31–40 Lose Focus Unable to use any skill or ability that relies on Intelligence (such as Knowledge checks or wizard spellcasting).
41-50 Lose Perception Unable to use any skill or ability that relies on Wisdom (such as Listen checks or cleric spellcasting). Subject may still make Will saves, but suffers a -2 penalty.
51–60 Lose Self Unable to use any skill or ability that relies on Charisma (such as Bluff checks or bard spellcasting).
61–70 Gripping Fear Flee away from the source of madness at top possible speed. This is a fear effect.
71-80 Sensory Assault Do nothing but go into a Total Defense and shout babbling nonsense.
81-100 Blood Lust Attack nearest creature (for this purpose, a familiar counts as part of the subject’s self).

An afflicted subject who can’t carry out the indicated action does nothing but shout babbling nonsense. An afflicted subject is unable to communicate properly while under this effect, only able to convey gibberish and nonsense through any form of communication. Attackers are not at any special advantage when attacking an afflicted subject. Any afflicted subject who is attacked automatically attacks its attackers on its next turn, as long as it is still afflicted when its turn comes (with no need to roll on the chart). Note that a afflicted subject will not make attacks of opportunity against any creature that it is not already devoted to attacking (either because of its most recent action or because it has just been attacked).

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