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Mad Philosopher's Stone Edit

{{#set:Summary=A red thing that gives you lots of power.}}

The mad philosopher's stone is a translucent red object, generally in the form of either a crystal or a fluid with a very high surface tension. It contains the souls of many people, put there through the use of unpleasant magics.

A mad philosopher's stone contains some number of soul points, which can be spent to provide various benefits, so long as you are touching it:

  • Increase Power Level: This is a free action that may be used once per round, and costs 30 soul points. For 1 round, you get a +10 bonus to your Alchemist level, Bending level, and Caster level. You also get a +5 bonus to your Wordcasting level and Manifester level.
  • Regenerate: This is a free action that may be used any number of times, although it costs 50 soul points the first time you use it each round, and the cost increases by 25 points for every time you have already used it in that round. You heal 10 hit points.
  • Ignore Material Components: You can ignore the material components for your abilities. Doing so costs 1 soul point per 2 gp of material components ignored in this way.
  • Ignore Experience Components: You can ignore the experience costs of your abilities. Doing so costs 2 soul points per 1 point of experience not spent in this way.

When a mad philosopher's stone runs out of soul points, it breaks and can no longer be used.

Strong conjuration; CL 10th; form philosopher's stone; Cost to craft: see form philosopher's stone ; Price Cost::50 gp per soul point.

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