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Status: Intermediate God
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King of the Kitchen, Defender of the Cupboard, Emperor of Taste, Lord of Spices, Judge of Temperature, Creator of Comfort Food, Stalker of Poisoners, Avenger of Spoiled Food

Type::Intermediate Deity
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Home Plane: Home Plane::"Unknown"
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Worshipers: Any sentient being that put effort into preparing their food before consuming it.
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Assumes many a different form from race to race. His priests and priestess pray during the act of cooking be it next to a campfire to being in a kitchen.

  • Let not good food go to waste!
  • Let no venom of thee heart affect thy cooking.
  • Those that add poisons to food are your sworn foes! Let none live for they defile your art!

Cleric Training Edit

Learning to cook meals with whatever they can gather from their current surrounds.

Quests Edit

Hunting down those that would add poison to a meal, recovering stolen one of a kind recipes, taking an existing recipe and experimenting with it using different set of ingredients to achieve the same end result, and creating a new dish or recreating an old recipe that has been destroyed.

Prayers Edit

Those who want a deity who you can pray to while also enjoying the end result of the task of praying.

Temples Edit

A large kitchen with multiple stations connected to cold rooms where meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, etc are stored. Meals are served in a large dinning room and conducted in a buffet style dinning.

Rites Edit

Cooking any meal or snack, for it is during the act of cooking can one commune with MacArron.

Heralds and Allies Edit

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