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The secret to great fortune is hidden somewhere within the polished facets of this stone.

This large, polished garnet brings luck to whomever possesses it. Once per day, the wearer receives a +10 luck bonus to either of the following; his AC against a single attack, a single attack roll, or a single check or save of his choosing. The power of a luckstone may be invoked after the corresponding attack, save or check has been made.

Effects from multiple luckstones do not stack, either in the bonus given or in the times per day they are usable, as, as they say, luck should not be relied upon, nor taken in excess.

The base material component of a luckstone is a garnet valued at 1,000 gp. This gem is a necessary component in the creation of such a stone.

Note: Many different items can convey a powerful fortune. The luck enchantment of a luckstone may be bestowed upon another item as well, such as a coin, a feather, or any other such mundane object. Regardless, the cost of the material component is always 1,000 gp.

Feint evocation; CL 3rd; Craft Wondrous Item, divine favor; Price 2,080 gp; Cost to create 1,540 gp + 22 XP; Weight —.

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