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Another underpaid day at the factory...
—Factory Worker in the region of Werkslund
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Lores of Grey Sky Edit

Introduction Edit

The lores of Grey Sky are divided into two sections, history (proven to be true) and tales & myths (popular legends which may or not be true). History takes into account mostly recent times (ancient history section takes in account the last millennia), such as the inventions of the firearms or wars and treaties between the great nations. Tales take into account everything from the fairy tales told to children to popular rumours.

Mechanics Edit

The special distinction between these two sections effectively creates new skills. Knowledge (History) is now divided in Knowledge (Tales) and Knowledge (History).

Knowledge (Tales) Edit

Includes fairy tales, tavern rumours, legends, etc. Knowledge (Tales) can be referred to as Tavern or Saloon Knowledge. Scholars do not tend to do research over unfounded tales (some do anyway).

Knowledge (History) Edit

Includes founded history, actual facts about the past, and historical events. The same old Knowledge (History) in fact.

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