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{{#set: |Type=Minor |Summary=A suit of otherworldly spiked adamantine full plate mail. }}

{{#set:Summary=This item needs a summary!}}{| class="d20 dragon monstats" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" |+ style="font-size: larger;" | Lord of Ancient Ages |- ! Price: | Cost::— |- ! Body Slot: | Body |- ! Caster Level: | 20 |- ! Aura: | Strong Abjuration; DC 25 |- ! Activation: | Use Activated |- ! Weight: | 60 lb. |}

Table: Lord of Ancient Ages
Armor Type Cost Armor Bonus Maximum
Dex Bonus
Armor Check
Arcane Spell
Failure Chance
Speed Weight1
(30 ft.) (20 ft.)
Heavy +83 +1 −5 35% 20 ft.2 15 ft.2 60 lb.
  1. Weight figures are for armor sized to fit Medium characters. Armor fitted for Small characters weighs half as much, and armor fitted for Large characters weighs twice as much.
  2. When running in heavy armor, you move only triple your speed, not quadruple.
  3. Calculated without enhancement bonus.

This spiked adamantine full plate is highly decorated with long forgotten ancient celestial runes, gems and reflects a slight glow of golden light about it when worn. Sets of this armor were first crafted by Veti during The First and Last War against Exaka. The armors have since made their way across worlds and into the hands of goodly and fiendish creatures alike. The armor attunes itself to its wearer, granting effects based on the HD of its wearer as well as his alignment.

Enhancement Bonus: Both the armor as well as its spikes gains an enhancement bonus based on the wearer's HD, minimum of +1 (+2 at 6 HD, +3 at 10 HD, +4 at 14 HD and up to a maximum of +5 at 18 HD).

Armor: Being made of adamantine, this full plate grants the wearer damage reduction 3/—.

Fortified (Su): The armor grants fortification that protects the wearer from the extra damage dealt from attacks that target vital areas (such as critical hits and sneak attacks). The wearer is granted fortification in the amount of 5% per HD (to a maximum of 100% fortification at 20 HD).

Spikes: The adamantine spikes covering this armor ignore the first 20 points of hardness when attacking an object. The spikes are treated as the alignment of the wearer, allowing him to bypass certain types of damage reduction as well as deal an additional 2d6 damage to any creature that opposes his alignment on at least one axis (good↔evil or law↔chaos). The spikes have the keen ability, increasing the critical threat range to 19-20/x2.

Volley of Spikes (Su): As a standard action, the wearer can will the armor to launch a barrage of spikes. He may launch a number of spikes up to the armor's granted enchantment bonus as ranged attacks. The range of these spikes is 30 feet with no range increment (the spikes instantly vanish, reappearing on the armor if they exceed this range).

Expended spikes vanish after impact and reappear on the armor.

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