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Lolthtouched creatures usually bear a visible sign marking them as the chosen of the Spider Queen.

Lolthtouched Edit

A lolthtouched creature is a creature that has been blessed by the spider queen and has large amounts of arachane power. A lolthtouched creature has great power over spiderkind.

"Lolthtouched" is a template you can apply to any spiderkind creature. It represents a creature blessed by Lolth and infused with arachane power.

Prerequisite: Spiderkind

Elite Skirmisher (Leader)
XP Elite
Hit Points +8 per level + Constitution score
Defenses: +1 AC; +2 Reflex; +2 Will
Saving Throws +2
Speed land speed +2, climb [as land speed] (spider climb)
Action Points 1
Aura of Arachane Might aura 5
Any creature that enters or starts its turn in the aura takes 5 poison damage.
Close Spiders From the Great Web (standard; encounter)
Close burst 10; four spiderkind miniond of the lolthtouched creature's level or lower appear in any unnocupied space within burst. The spiderkind minions take their turns immediately after the lolthtouched creature.
The lolthtouched creature can speak spydric.

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