Slayer (3.5e Class)Sledged's Ogrillon (3.5e Creature Example)Sledgehammer (4e Monster)
SleepSleep (3.5e Sphere)Sleep of Ages (3.5e Feat)
Sleep of the Ages (3.5e Feat)Sleeping City (3.5e Spell)Sleet Storm
Slicer beetleSlick Barrier (3.5e Maneuver)Slide Rule of Alternatives (3.5e Equipment)
Slime Child (3.5e Race)Slime Trail (3.5e Feat)Slip And Slide And Burn (3.5e Equipment)
Slippery Contortionist (3.5e Feat)Slipstream Shot (3.5e Feat)Slothful (3.5e Template)
SlowSlow Aging (Dread Codex Spell)Slow Taint (4e Equipment)
Slowbro (3.5e Monster)Slowgo Homunculus (3.5e Monster)Slowking (3.5e Monster)
Slowpoke (3.5e Monster)Slowswarming (4e Equipment)Smiling Demon Style (3.5e Maneuver)
Smiting Lightning (3.5e Spell)Smoke (3.5e Sphere)Smoking Steel Parry (3.5e Maneuver)
Snake-Fang Whip (4e Equipment)Snake-Sword (3.5e Equipment)Snake (4e Monster)
Snake Dance (3.5e Feat)Snake Tail (3.5e Feat)Sneaky Wizard Fellow (3.5e Feat)
Sneasel (3.5e Monster)Sniper (3.5e Feat)Sniper (3.5e Prestige Class)
Sniper (Grim-N-Gritty Feat)Sniper Rifle (3.5e Equipment)Snorunt (3.5e Monster)
Snowfall Shield (3.5e Maneuver)Snowflake, Greater (3.5e Monster)Snowflake (3.5e Monster)
Sobering Skeletal Stillness (3.5e Spell)Soldier, Tome (3.5e Class)Soldier (3.5e Class)
Soldier (3.5e Prestige Class)Soles of Silence (3.5e Equipment)Soles of Tumbling (3.5e Equipment)
Some Spontaneity to Wizards (3.5e Variant Rule)Song of Ancient Grudges (4e Feat)Song of Avengement (4e Feat)
Song of Courage (4e Feat)Song of Courage (4e Power)Song of Defense (4e Feat)
Song of Elven Stars (4e Power)Song of Fearless Heroism (4e Power)Song of Freedom (4e Power)
Song of Healing (4e Power)Song of Heroism (4e Power)Song of Hope (4e Power)
Song of Perseverance (4e Feat)Song of Radiance (4e Power)Song of Rain and Storm (4e Power)
Song of Recovery (4e Feat)Song of Recovery (4e Power)Song of Rest (4e Feat)
Song of Revival (4e Feat)Song of Swift Healing (4e Feat)Song of Sylvan Calling (4e Power)
Song of Warding (4e Power)Song of the Inspirited Guardian (4e Feat)Song of the Radiant Stars (4e Power)
Song of the Raging Seas (4e Power)Song of the Stars (4e Power)Songbird (4e Familiar)
Songbird Homunculus (3.5e Monster)Songblade (3.5e Class)Songweaver (4e Class)
Songweaver Powers (4e Power List)Sonic Warrior (3.5e Class)Sonic Warrior (3.5e Class)/Class Features
Sorajin (4e Race)Sorcerer, Leziad Variant (3.5e Class)Sorcerer, Tome (3.5e Class)
Sorcerer (Plushie Substitution Level)Sorcerer PowersSorcerer Spells
Sorcerous Blade Channeling (4e Feat)SoshaVee (3.5e Deity)Soul-Blooded (3.5e Class)
Soul Blade (3.5e Prestige Class)Soul Burst (Dread Codex Spell)Soul Crystal (3.5e Spell)
Soul Guardian (3.5e Class)Soul Merchant (3.5e Prestige Class)Soul Mirror (3.5e Maneuver)
Soul Reaper, Jay Variant (3.5e Class)Soul Restoration (3.5e Spell)Soul Strike (4e Power)
Soul Warden (3.5e Feat)Soulbinder (3.5e Prestige Class)Soulborn (3.5e Class)
Soulless One (Dread Codex Monster)Soulsmith (3.5e Class)Soultorn
Spaghetti, Bodyguard of the Don (4e Monster)Spare the DyingSparkling Weapon (4e Equipment)
Spatha (3.5e Equipment)Speak with AnimalsSpeak with Dead
Speak with PlantsSpeaker Homunculus (3.5e Monster)Speaker for the Dead (3.5e Prestige Class)
Spear-Staff (4e Equipment)Spear Dance (3.5e Maneuver)Spearow (3.5e Monster)
Special Attachment (3.5e Flaw)Special Combo (3.5e Feat)Special Materials
Specific Spell Specialty (3.5e Feat)Spectacles of Awareness (3.5e Equipment)Speedened (3.5e Class)
Spell Amber (3.5e Equipment)Spell Breaker (3.5e Class)Spell Chains (3.5e Variant Rule)
Spell Draining (3.5e Equipment)Spell Resistance (4e Feat)Spell Shield (3.5e Equipment)
Spell Surge (3.5e Feat)Spellbender (3.5e Class)Spellbender (3.5e Prestige Class)
Spellbook of Arachane Lore (4e Feat)Spellbreaker (Dread Codex 2 Spell)Spellbreaking Blow (3.5e Feat)
Spellburke (3.5e Spell)Spellcasting (3.5e Variant Rule)Spellgorged Zombie (Dread Codex Template)
Spells that Fvcking Kill People (3.5e Other)Spellscale (3.5e Racial Paragon Class)Spellshine Homunculus (3.5e Monster)
Spellslinger (3.5e Class)Speshul Blood (3.5e Feat)Sphere Focus (3.5e Feat)
Sphere PreloadSpicy Peppers (3.5e Equipment)Spider's Leap (4e Power)
Spider, Monstrous Specific (3.5e Template)Spider-Fiend (3.5e Feat)Spider (4e Monster)
Spider Box (4e Equipment)Spider Calling (3.5e Spell)Spider Climb
Spider Climb (4e Power)Spider Crawl (4e Power)Spider Disciple (4e Paragon Path)
Spider Egg, Monstrous (3.5e Equipment)Spider Keeper (4e Paragon Path)Spider Kit (4e Equipment)
Spider Lancer (4e Paragon Path)Spider Lord (4e Paragon Path)Spider Mask (4e Equipment)
Spider Queen Summon (3.5e Monster)Spider Rider (3.5e Prestige Class)Spider Rider (4e Class)
Spider Rider Powers (4e Power List)Spider Staff (4e Equipment)Spider Swarm (4e Monster)
Spider Touched (4e Class)Spider Web (3.5e Feat)Spider of the Great Web (4e Power)
Spiderboon Armor (4e Equipment)Spiderbound (4e Paragon Path)Spiderfriend (4e Feat)
Spiderfriend Weaves (4e Feat)Spiderhost (3.5e Feat)Spiderkin (4e Paragon Path)
Spiderling (4e Monster)Spidersilk Armor (4e Equipment)Spiderskin (4e Power)
Spiderweave Armor (4e Equipment)Spiderwolf Bludgeoning (4e Power)Spike Growth
Spiked Hammer (3.5e Equipment)Spiky Homunculus (3.5e Monster)Spines of Fury (3.5e Feat)
Spinosaurus (3.5e Monster)Spirit Breaker (3.5e Maneuver)Spirit Guardians
Spirit Horde (Dread Codex Spell)Spirit Knife (Dread Codex Spell)Spirit Shaman (3.5e Class)
Spirit Shift (3.5e Maneuver)Spirit Tree (3.5e Monster)Spirit gaurdian (shinigami)
Spirit of Hate (Dread Codex Monster)Spiritomb (3.5e Monster)Spiritual Awareness (3.5e Maneuver)
Spiritual Blow (3.5e Maneuver)Spiritual Disruption (3.5e Maneuver)Spiritual Pressure (3.5e Maneuver)
Spiritual Reflexes (3.5e Maneuver)Spiritual Resistance (3.5e Maneuver)Spiritual Weapon
Spitter Homunculus (3.5e Monster)Spitting Spider (4e Monster)Split Spell (4e Feat)
Spoiler (3.5e Monster)Sprightling (3.5e Race)Spring of Life (3.5e Spell)
Spritelight Homunculus (3.5e Monster)Spulpit (3.5e Monster)Spurge Feed (3.5e Equipment)
Spurge Stinger (3.5e Equipment)Spydre Jump (4e Power)Spydre Leap (4e Power)
Spydrejump (4e Power)Spydreleap (4e Power)Spydrewalk (4e Power)
Spydric-One (4e Monster)Spydric-Ones (4e Race)Spydric Dodge (4e Power)
Spydric Infestation (4e Power)Spydric Leap (4e Power)Spydric Tide (4e Power)
Spydrical Hide (4e Power)Squire (3.5e Alternate Class Feature)Squirrel, Flying (3.5e Monster)
Squirrel (3.5e Monster)Squirtle (3.5e Monster)Sraosha (3.5e Deity)
Stabilizing Crystal (3.5e Equipment)Staff of Balance (3.5e Equipment)Staff of Impetus (3.5e Equipment)
Staff of the MagiStaffshaper (3.5e Prestige Class)Staggering Critical (4e Feat)
Staggering Pounce (4e Power)Stalwart Body (3.5e Grim Alteration)Stance of the Ascended (3.5e Maneuver)
Star (3.5e Class)Star Gate (3.5e Power)Stare Down Death (3.5e Maneuver)
Starfish (4e Familiar)Starlight Harmonist (4e Paragon Path)Starsong Avatar (4e Epic Destiny)
State Alchemist, Variant (3.5e Prestige Class)State Alchemist (3.5e Class)/Bonus TransmutationsStatic Discharge (4e Power)
Steady Stance (3.5e Feat)Steal Heart (Dread Codex Spell)Steal and Strike (4e Feat)
Stealth Speaker (3.5e Feat)Stealth Suit (3.5e Equipment)Stealth Wisdom (3.5e Feat)
Stealthy, Aarnott (3.5e Feat)Stealthy (3.5e Feat)Steambolt Minigun (3.5e Equipment)
Steambolt Rifle (3.5e Equipment)Steelix (3.5e Monster)Stegosaurus (3.5e Monster)
Step into the Gloom - Night Watch (3.5e Sourcebook)/Other Skills and Feats for... Others.Step into the Gloom - Night Watch (3.5e Sourcebook)/Running a D20 Night Watch CampaignStep into the Gloom - Night Watch (3.5e Sourcebook)/The Night, the Day, and the Twilight
Step into the Gloom - Night Watch (3.5e Sourcebook)/Warriors of the TwilightStep into the Gloom - Nightwatch (3.5e Sourcebook)Sticky Hands (3.5e Spell)
Stifle (3.5e Spell)Stillborn (Dread Codex 2 Spell)Sting of the Scorpion (3.5e Feat)
Stingblade (3.5e Equipment)Stinking CloudStitcher Homunculus (3.5e Monster)
Stolen Breath, Book of Elements (3.5e Feat)Stolen Breath (3.5e Feat)Stolen Opportunity (3.5e Feat)
Stone (3.5e Sphere)Stone Rain (3.5e Power)Stone Shape
Stone of Concentration (3.5e Equipment)Stoneskin
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