CommonCommunal Possession (3.5e Class)Commune
Commune with NatureCompelled DuelComplete Restoration (3.5e Epic Spell)
Complete Xeno (3.5e Sourcebook)Complete Xeno (3.5e Sourcebook)/AdventureComplete Xeno (3.5e Sourcebook)/Alien Civilizations
Complete Xeno (3.5e Sourcebook)/AppilonComplete Xeno (3.5e Sourcebook)/DenzenComplete Xeno (3.5e Sourcebook)/Gokiburi
Complete Xeno (3.5e Sourcebook)/HeroesComplete Xeno (3.5e Sourcebook)/IntroductionComplete Xeno (3.5e Sourcebook)/Monsters
Complete Xeno (3.5e Sourcebook)/NooComplete Xeno (3.5e Sourcebook)/SeppiaComplete Xeno (3.5e Sourcebook)/Skandars
Complete Xeno (3.5e Sourcebook)/TempusComplete Xeno (3.5e Sourcebook)/UberichComponentless Casting (3.5e Feat)
Compound Strength (3.5e Equipment)Comprehend LanguagesCompsognathus (3.5e Monster)
CompulsionCon Artist (3.5e Feat)Conceal Hunter From Prey (4e Power)
Concentrating Words (3.5e Feat)Concussion Blaster (3.5e Equipment)Conductive Spell Essence (3.5e Feat)
Conduit of the Lower Planes (3.5e Class)Cone of ColdCone of Stupidity (Dread Codex Spell)
Conflagration (4e Feat)Conflagration of Doom (4e Power)Confusion
Congealing Consumption (3.5e Spell)Conjetium (3.5e Equipment)Conjuration
Conjure AnimalsConjure BarrageConjure Celestial
Conjure ElementalConjure Minor ElementalsConjure Volley
Conjure Woodland BeingsConquering Lunge (4e Power)Constant Guardian (4e Feat)
Constricting Fiend (3.5e Feat)Construct (3.5e Power)Construct (3.5e Subtype)
Construct Pokémon (3.5e Feat)Consu (3.5e Race)Contact Other Plane
ContagionContingencyContinual Fire (3.5e Other)
Continual FlameContinual Wounds (Dread Codex Spell)Contraction (4e Feat)
Control Spawn (3.5e Feat)Control WaterControl Weather
Cooler Homunculus (3.5e Monster)CoosheeCopper Piece
Copy Ninja (3.5e Class)Copypasta (3.5e Feat)Cordon of Arrows
Core Apotheosis (3.5e Feat)Core Dreadnaught (3.5e Monster)Core Evolution (3.5e Feat)
Core Transcendence (3.5e Feat)Corellon LarethianCorpse (3.5e Equipment)
Corpse Defense (Dread Codex Spell)Corpselight Assassin (3.5e Prestige Class)Corpselight Whisperer (3.5e Prestige Class)
Corrosion Nix (3.5e Equipment)Corrupt (3.5e Template)Corrupted Blood (3.5e Template)
Corrupted Silt Horror Tentacles (4e Monster)Corrupting Darkness (Dread Codex 2 Spell)Corythosaurus (3.5e Monster)
Cosmology (Age of War Campaign Guide Supplement)Countercharge Rally (4e Power)Counterfeint (3.5e Skill Trick)
CounterspellCourage-Shattering Glare (3.5e Maneuver)Coutlsaur (3.5e Monster)
Cow (3.5e Monster)Cow Sniper (3.5e Monster)Coward (3.5e Flaw)
Crab (4e Familiar)CrabmanCrack of the Whip (3.5e Maneuver)
Cradily (3.5e Monster)Craft Artifact (3.5e Power)Craft of the Soulstealer (3.5e Feat)
Crampons of Climbing (3.5e Equipment)Cranidos (3.5e Monster)Craven (3.5e Race)
Create B-Movie (3.5e Feat)Create BonfireCreate Food and Water
Create Sailors (Dread Codex Spell)Create Synthetic Soul (3.5e Spell)Create Undead
Create or Destroy WaterCreating Worlds and StoriesCreation
Creation (3.5e Sphere)Creator (3.5e Feat)Creeper (3.5e Monster)
Creeping Nullscourge (4e Equipment)Creepy Kid (3.5e Feat)Crippling Poker (3.5e Feat)
Critical Resistance (3.5e Variant Rule)Critical Statement (3.5e Feat)Critical Threat (3.5e Maneuver)
Croagunk (3.5e Monster)Crobat (3.5e Monster)Croconaw (3.5e Monster)
Crool (3.5e Monster)Crool (3.5e Race)Crop of Animal Taming (3.5e Equipment)
Crossdresser (3.5e Feat)Crown of MadnessCrowns (3.5e Suit)
Crucifixion Spirit (Dread Codex Monster)Cruel Fate (3.5e Feat)Cruel Shrapnel Cascade (3.5e Maneuver)
Crumbling Wall (3.5e Maneuver)Crusader's MantleCrusader of the Desert (3.5e Feat)
Crusader of the Elemental Forces (3.5e Prestige Class)Crush (3.5e Maneuver)Crush the Weak (3.5e Maneuver)
Crushing Slam (3.5e Feat)Crushing Wall (3.5e Maneuver)Cryomancer (3.5e Prestige Class)
Crypt thingCryptographer (3.5e Feat)Crystal of Disguises (3.5e Equipment)
Crystal of Proficiency (3.5e Equipment)Crystals (3.5e Suit)Ctenizidae Aspect (4e Feat)
Cthulhoid (3.5e Monster)Cthulhoid (3.5e Race)Cubone (3.5e Monster)
Cultist(4e Class)Cultist (3.5e Class)Cumulative Damage (4e Other)
Cure WoundsCurious (3.5e Trait)Curse of Crumbling Conviction (3.5e Spell)
Curse of the Annoying Speech Impediment (3.5e Spell)Custos (3.5e Monster)Cuttlefish (4e Familiar)
Cyclops (3.5e Race)Cyndaquil (3.5e Monster)D&D War Rules (Age of War Campaign Guide Supplement)
D20 AdaptationsD20 Modern EquipmentDINOTASTIC (3.5e Optimized Character Build)
Daeijine Illithid (3.5e Monster)Daeijine Illithid (3.5e Racial Paragon Class)Daeijine Illithids (3.5e Race)
Daemon, Mail (3.5e Monster)Dagger Finesse (4e Fighter Variant)Dagger Flurry (4e Power)
Dagger of Doors (Dread Codex 2 Artifact)Dagger of the Serpent (3.5e Equipment)Daggerspell Guardians
Daichi (4e Deity)Damage (3.5e Epic Spell Seed)Dance of Chains (3.5e Maneuver)
Dance of Death (4e Power)Dance of Hope (4e Power)Dance of Kibeth (4e Power)
Dance of Steel (4e Power)Dance of Swords (4e Power)Dance of the Vrock (3.5e Soulmeld)
Dance of the Water (4e Power)Dancer, Nobody (3.5e Monster)Dancer (3.5e Class)
Dancing Assault (4e Power)Dancing Blossom Stance (3.5e Feat)Dancing Charge (4e Feat)
Dancing LightsDancing Wizard (3.5e Feat)Dancing and Stabbing Wizard (3.5e Feat)
Danger Sense (3.5e Feat)Dangerous Digits (Dread Codex Spell)Dao (3.5e Race)
Dark-Vision Goggles (3.5e Equipment)Dark Armor (4e Equipment)Dark Blue Chocobo (3.5e Monster)
Dark Channeling (Dread Codex Spell)Dark Harvest (3.5e Equipment)Dark Iron (3.5e Equipment)
Dark Knight (3.5e Class)Dark Lair of the Spydre (4e Power)Dark Symmetry (3.5e Spell)
Dark Voyeur (Dread Codex Monster)Darkblade (3.5e Class)Darker Dirge of the Fall (4e Power)
Darkkin (3.5e Race)Darklight Brew (4e Equipment)Darkness
Darkrai (3.5e Monster)Darksider (3.5e Feat)Darksight (Dread Codex Spell)
Darksong (4e Feat)Darkstalker Spectre (3.5e Spell)Darkvision
Darting Attack (4e Power)Darting Charge (4e Feat)Darting Jump (4e Power)
Darting Spider (4e Power)Darting Strike (4e Power)Dastardly Nature (3.5e Flaw)
Dave ArnesonDavid NoonanDavid “Zeb” Cook
Dawnsinger (4e Paragon Path)DaylightDaylight Pellet (4e Equipment)
Dazreth (3.5e Monster)Dazzled (4e Other)Dazzling Fire (4e Feat)
Dead Aim (Grim-N-Gritty Feat)Deadborn Mantle (3.5e Soulmeld)Deadeye Sniper Gaze (3.5e Maneuver)
Deadly Blade (4e Feat)Deadly Bolt (4e Power)Deadly Exorcism (4e Power)
Deadly Fountain (4e Power)Deadly Precision (4e Feat)Deadly Riposte (3.5 Feat)
Deadly Scourge (4e Feat)Deadly Swarm (4e Power)Deadwood Tree (Dread Codex Monster)
Deafening Spell (4e Feat)Death's-Head Feint (3.5e Maneuver)Death's Apprentice (3.5e Feat)
Death's Dancer (4e Paragon Path)Death's Door (3.5e Spell)Death's Embrace (3.5e Maneuver)
Death's Grain (3.5e Equipment)Death's Stare (Dread Codex Equipment)Death (3.5e Sphere)
Death Adder Lash (3.5e Maneuver)Death Crab Swarm (Dread Codex Monster)Death From Above (4e Power)
Death Hunter (3.5e Class)Death King (3.5e Prestige Class)Death Knight (3.5e Prestige Class)
Death Knight (4e Paragon Path)Death Leaper (4e Feat)Death Lord Orc (Dread Codex Monster)
Death Ray (3.5e Equipment)Death Roach (Dread Codex Monster)Death Squid (Dread Codex Monster)
Death WardDeathblast Spell (3.5e Feat)Deathclaw (3.5e Monster)
Deathless (3.5e Creature Subtype)Deathless (3.5e Template)Deathly Swarm (4e Power)
Deathspeaker Mask (3.5e Equipment)Deathstrike (4e Power)Death’s Hunger (Dread Codex 2 Spell)
Debilitating Strike (3.5e Feat)Debris Wielder (3.5e Feat)Decanter of Endless Kittens (3.5e Equipment)
Decay (Dread Codex Spell)Deceivers (3.5e Race)Deceptive Illumination (4e Feat)
Declaration of Death (3.5e Epic Spell)Deeka (3.5e Race)Deeka Thug (3.5e NPC)
Deep Diviner (4e Paragon Path)Deep Impact (4e Feat)Deep Water Bite (3.5e Maneuver)
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