Burrowing Bony Digits (Dread Codex Spell)Burrowing Power (4e Feat)Burst Hammer (3.5e Equipment)
Business EmpireButcher Axe (3.5e Equipment)Butoh (3.5e Prestige Class)
Butterfree (3.5e Monster)CP Powered Combat Suit (D20 Modern Equipment)CP Riot Gear (D20 Modern Equipment)
Cachin (3.5e Equipment)Cactuar (3.5e Monster)Cadaver (Dread Codex Monster)
Caelistis (3.5e Campaign Setting)Caelistis (3.5e Campaign Setting)/Adventure HooksCaelistis (3.5e Campaign Setting)/Bestiary
Caelistis (3.5e Campaign Setting)/Bestiary/TemplatesCaelistis (3.5e Campaign Setting)/Bestiary/Templates/BlightedCaelistis (3.5e Campaign Setting)/Character Creation
Caelistis (3.5e Campaign Setting)/Character OptionsCaelistis (3.5e Campaign Setting)/ClassesCaelistis (3.5e Campaign Setting)/Classes/Magi
Caelistis (3.5e Campaign Setting)/Classes/OrobasPrestigeCaelistis (3.5e Campaign Setting)/CosmologyCaelistis (3.5e Campaign Setting)/Gear and Equipment
Caelistis (3.5e Campaign Setting)/Gear and Equipment/AlchemyCaelistis (3.5e Campaign Setting)/Gear and Equipment/EquipmentCaelistis (3.5e Campaign Setting)/Geography and Environment
Caelistis (3.5e Campaign Setting)/HistoryCaelistis (3.5e Campaign Setting)/MagicCaelistis (3.5e Campaign Setting)/Magic/Domains
Caelistis (3.5e Campaign Setting)/NPCsCaelistis (3.5e Campaign Setting)/NPCs/PaimonMinionsCaelistis (3.5e Campaign Setting)/NPCs/PhenexMinions
Caelistis (3.5e Campaign Setting)/OrganizationsCaelistis (3.5e Campaign Setting)/Organizations/AgaresCaelistis (3.5e Campaign Setting)/Organizations/Alloces
Caelistis (3.5e Campaign Setting)/Organizations/BaelCaelistis (3.5e Campaign Setting)/Organizations/CaimCaelistis (3.5e Campaign Setting)/Organizations/Eligos
Caelistis (3.5e Campaign Setting)/Organizations/HaageCaelistis (3.5e Campaign Setting)/Organizations/NaberiusCaelistis (3.5e Campaign Setting)/Organizations/Paimon
Caelistis (3.5e Campaign Setting)/Organizations/PhenexCaelistis (3.5e Campaign Setting)/Organizations/SabnockCaelistis (3.5e Campaign Setting)/Organizations/Sitri
Caelistis (3.5e Campaign Setting)/Organizations/ValerfarCaelistis (3.5e Campaign Setting)/PantheonCaelistis (3.5e Campaign Setting)/Races
Caelistis (3.5e Campaign Setting)/Races/HumanityCaelistis (3.5e Campaign Setting)/Races/Races Created by GodsCalamity Symphony (3.5e Maneuver)
Calculated Arcana (4e Feat)Calefact Dragon (3.5e Monster)Calefact Sword (3.5e Equipment)
Call Creature (3.5e Spell)Call LightningCall Winds (4e Power)
Call of Kibeth (4e Power)Call of the Reaper (3.5e Spell)Call to Nature (4e Power)
Calm EmotionsCampaign settingCancilla the Consiliere (4e Monster)
Candothist, Teroccus (3.5e Race)Candothist (3.5e Race)Canine Skulker (Dread Codex Monster)
Cape Resonance (3.5e Feat)Capped Skill Bonus (3.5e Variant Rule)Captchalogue Card (3.5e Equipment)
Carcaetan (Dread Codex Monster)Cardomor (3.5e Race)Careful Chains (3.5e Maneuver)
Carl SargentCarnage (3.5e Equipment)Carnage (3.5e Sphere)
Carnivora Felidae (4e Paragon Path)Carrier (3.5e Feat)Caryatid column
Cas' Commando (3.5e Class)Cashooie (3.5e Deity)Cast the Die (3.5e Coin's Edge Maneuver)
Caster Breaker (3.5e Class)Caster Focus (3.5e Feat)Caster Levels Progression Variant (3.5e Variant Rule)
Castform (3.5e Monster)Cat's Grace, Greater (3.5e Spell)Catapult (3.5e Monster)
Catch Projectile (Grim-N-Gritty Feat)Caterpie (3.5e Monster)Caterwaul
Cauldron Chanter (3.5e Prestige Class)Caustic (3.5e Prestige Class)Cautious Attack (4e Feat)
Cave Terror (4e Equipment)Cave cricketCave fisher
Cavelord (4e Paragon Path)Caver's Kit (4e Equipment)Caver (4e Feat)
Cavestalker (4e Paragon Path)Cecaella (3.5e Race)Ceila (3.5e Deity)
Celebi (3.5e Monster)Celestial Ancestry (3.5e Feat)Celestial Badger (3.5e Monster)
Celestial Beacon (3.5e Prestige Class)Celestial Bone (Dread Codex Equipment)Celestial Dog (3.5e Monster)
Celestial Giant Fire Beetle (3.5e Monster)Celestial Monkey (3.5e Monster)Celestial Owl (3.5e Monster)
Celestial Porpoise (3.5e Monster)Celestial Spider (4e Template)Cen (3.5e Deity)
CentaurCentric Impact (3.5e Feat)Centric Strike (3.5e Feat)
Cepholathe (3.5e Monster)Ceratosaurus (3.5e Monster)Cerebral Animator (3.5e Prestige Class)
Cerebremancer (3.5e Prestige Class)Cerulean Dragon (3.5e Monster)Chain Connection (3.5e Other)
Chain LightningChain Power (4e Feat)Chainclaw (3.5e Equipment)
Chained Sword (3.5e Equipment)Chaingun (3.5e Equipment)Chainhook (3.5e Equipment)
Chainmail Bikini (3.5e Equipment)Chainsaw (3.5e Equipment)Chakra Disabler (3.5e Feat)
Chakram (3.5e Equipment)Challenge the Many (3.5e Maneuver)Chameleon (3.5e Class)
Chameleon (3.5e Feat)Champa (3.5e Monster)Champion Kira (3.5e NPC)
Champion of Fate (3.5e Coin's Edge Maneuver)Chance's Blessing (3.5e Coin's Edge Maneuver)Change Zombie (Dread Codex Spell)
Channel Divinity: The Great DM In The Sky (4e Feat)Chansey (3.5e Monster)Chaos Bow (3.5e Equipment)
Chaos Elemental (3.5e Monster)Chaos Gloves (3.5e Equipment)Chaos Sword (3.5e Equipment)
Chaotic Spell Recall (4e Feat)Character Generation for Legend of the SevenCharacter Options (Grey Sky Supplement)
Character Traits (4e Variant Rule)Charger of the Web (4e Feat)Charging Strike (3.5e Maneuver)
Charizard (3.5e Monster)Charm PersonCharmander (3.5e Monster)
Charmeine (3.5e Deity)Charmeleon (3.5e Monster)Chef Homunculus (3.5e Monster)
Chi Blocker (3.5e Prestige Class)Chikorita (3.5e Monster)Child, Variant (3.5e Template)
Child Necromancer (3.5e Feat)Chill Bones (3.5e Maneuver)Chill Touch
ChimeraChiropteryx (3.5e Monster)Chitine (4e Monster)
Choco-Mage (3.5e Class)Choco-Thief (3.5e Class)Choco-Warrior (3.5e Class)
Chocobo Breeding (3.5e Variant Rule)Chocobo Breeding Alternative (3.5e Variant Rule)Chocobo Greens (3.5e Equipment)
Chocobo Hatchling (3.5e Monster)Chocobo Mounts (3.5e Variant Rule)Chocobo Nuts (3.5e Equipment)
Chocobos (3.5e Race)Choking Death (3.5e Spell)Choking Python (3.5e Maneuver)
Choronzon (3.5e Deity)Chosen Foe (4e Feat)Chosen Rider (4e Paragon Path)
Chosen of the Spider Queen (4e Epic Destiny)Chromatic Dwarf (3.5e Monster)Chromatic Dwarf (3.5e Race)
Chromatic OrbChromatic dragonsChronotite Bolt
Chthonic Grip (3.5e Feat)Chthonic Serpent (3.5e Martial Discipline)Chthonic Serpent (3.5e Martial Discipline)/All Maneuvers
Chthonic Serpent Belt (3.5e Equipment)Chwidencha (4e Monster)Cinder Ghoul (Dread Codex Monster)
Cinnabar Eye Cusps (4e Equipment)Circle of DeathCircle of Power
Circlet of Spiderkind Command (4e Equipment)Circlet of the Inner Eye (3.5e Equipment)Circling Charge (4e Power)
Circling Strikes (4e Power)Cirno (3.5e NPC)City Location Mage (3.5e Class)
Clackers (4e Monster)ClairvoyanceClairvoyant (3.5e Prestige Class)
Clap Your Hands (3.5e Feat)Clasp of the Lightbringer (Dread Codex Equipment)Class Templates (3.5e Other)
Classes (Age of War Player's Guide Supplement)Classes (Grey Sky Supplement)Claustrophobic (3.5e Flaw)
Claws of the Beast (4e Feat)Claymore (3.5e Class)Clayshaper (3.5e Prestige Class)
Clean-up Blow (Grim-N-Gritty Feat)Clear-Cut Strike (4e Power)Clear Waters (3.5e Feat)
Cleric (Plushie Substitution Level)Cleric PowersCleric Spells
Clever Opportunist (4e Feat)ClimbCloak Dance (4e Power)
Cloak of Fortification (3.5e Equipment)Cloak of Shadows (4e Power)Cloak of the Consort (4e Equipment)
Cloak of the Obyrith (4e Feat)Cloaktower Watchman (3.5e Prestige Class)Clockwork Centurion (3.5e Feat)
Clockwork Owls Summon (3.5e Monster)Clockwork Steed (4e Monster)Cloistered Archivist (3.5e Alternate Class Feature)
CloneClone Spell (3.5e Feat)Close-Quarter Fire (3.5e Feat)
Close Combat Shot (Grim-N-Gritty Feat)Closed Mind (4e Feat)Cloud Control (3.5e Power)
Cloud Step (4e Power)Cloud of DaggersCloud of Indolence (3.5e Equipment)
CloudkillCloudrail Golem (3.5e Monster)Cloyster (3.5e Monster)
Cobra Lash (3.5e Maneuver)CockatriceCodex of Device Operation (3.5e Equipment)
Codpiece of Attention (3.5e Equipment)Coercive Spell (4e Feat)Coffer corpse
Coils of Rapture (3.5e Maneuver)Coin's Edge (3.5e Martial Discipline)Coin's Edge (3.5e Martial Discipline)/All Maneuvers
Coinspinner's Form (3.5e Coin's Edge Maneuver)Cold (3.5e Sphere)Coldspike (3.5e Equipment)
Collapsing Drift (3.5e Maneuver)Collector Homunculus (3.5e Monster)Colocolo (3.5e Deity)
Colony (3.5e Deity)Color SprayColoth (3.5e Race)
Combat Acrobat (3.5e Feat)Combat Adrenaline (3.5e Feat)Combat Advice (3.5e Feat)
Combat Casting (3.5e Feat)Combat Crafter (3.5e Feat)Combat Defense (3.5e Feat)
Combat Firework (3.5e Equipment)Combat Flurry (3.5e Feat)Combat Looting (3.5e Feat)
Combat Magician (D20 Modern Class)Combat Manifestation (4e Feat)Combat Reactions (3.5e Feat)
Combat Roll (4e Power)Combat School (3.5e Feat)Combat Sense (Grim-N-Gritty Feat)
Combat Spade (3.5e Equipment)Combat Speed (3.5e Feat)Combination Dust (3.5e Equipment)
Combo Maker (3.5e Prestige Class)Combusken (3.5e Monster)
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