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Major artifact


The livingdeadsword was first created by three liches,three demons,and three devils. Makeing a truths they all pull all there powers into makeing one true weapon to kill heaven all together. However one by one they sucumbed to there own greed and there past hatered and slew each other useing the sword they created. They all died in the prosses,acording to legend about the sword its posesed by three diffrent entitys a lich,a demon,and a devil of emence power.Curently in the hands of a wartroll samurai lvl 20/hexblade lvl 20. There is no place in the material plane that is truley safe.

Anything evil you could put on a weapon is on the livingdeadsword,with a +10 enchantment on it to bypass damage reduction.The liveingdeadsword apears like a shortsword with a "blade of pain and fear.LM." look to it.Acording to first hand witnesses the sword has the power, with one swing can speed up your lifespan by ten years (twenty on crit).However the livingdeadsword can NOT penetrate any form of armor(tho can bypass natral armor.)

LM = Libris mortis

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