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Little Brother/Sister[]

Summary::You have a little brother or sister who follows you around constantly; he/she is annoying, but you love him/her with every fiber of your being.

Benefit: Your little brother/sister can be treated as a familiar, though they do not gain natural armor bonus, nor Intelligence bonus, but may deliver a touch and gives a +2 morale bonus to one single skill check (chosen at the beginning).

Protective Instinct: +2 to hit, +2 to damage when the child is threatened. if you intentionally put the child in danger (to benefit from this bonus), the child eventually figures it out and runs away. After incurring this bonus, you are winded for 2d4 rounds.

Drawback: If the brother/sister has died, upon their death, you will take 1d4 years of grieving, or until the brother/sister has been raised.

Roleplaying Ideas: You love him/her, he/she your best friend, your confidant. Don't put him/her in harm's way. Even if you're evil, he/she is YOUR little brother/sister. You can also use him/her to carry your belongings. You may want him/her to have the best food, the best place in the inn. He/She may even annoy other party members, but you don't care; come on, he/she is still a child, you can't blame him/her. In combat, tell your little brother/sister to hide; you don't want them to be eaten or kidnapped. If you're evil enough, during a particularly dire time, you may use them as a source of food; though, if you took this trait in the first place, why would you willingly kill them off just as easily? Only for -extremely- evil people.

Special: If the child has grown to adulthood, one of two possibilities may occur; the character may gain a cohort (doesn't take up companion slot), or if they were put in harm's way many times, he/she may turn evil; it all depends, based on the DM's decision and discretion.

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