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Lenses of Truth and Madness

{{#set:Summary=Allows the wearer to benefit from true seeing and other spells, at a cost.}}

These lenses look like thick sheets of black obsidian mounted in a leather strapping that can be fastened around the head. The design is slightly strange and looks like the device of a mad scientist, though they are not; more accurate would be the device of a mad necromancer.

When looking through the lenses, the wearer gets the ability to see all. All illusions can be pierced; the auras of people, their health, and personal power are seen as well. If concentrating on a single individual, surface thoughts, and his whereabouts within the last few days, are revealed. In effect, the wielder is constantly under the following spells: true seeing, detect alignment, detect lies.

When first looking through the lenses, the wearer must make a Will save (DC 20) or go permanently blind. When worn for more than 10 rounds a Will save (DC 20) is needed to avoid insanity and blindness (one check for each) each round. Each consecutive round past 10 incurs a -1 penalty to the Will saves.

Caster Level: 18th; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, true seeing, detect thoughts, locate creature; Price Cost::150,000 gp; Weight: 2 lb.

Weaknesses Edit

The lenses can be broken with a physical attack of 5+ damage. If only one lense is worn, the save DCs are increased by 10.

Adventure Hook Edit

This item is very close to being a minor artifact, and there a only a few of them in the world. One of these has been found by a band of paladins, and their leader, the high priest of Urvol the Blade of Justice, is rumored to have donned these lenses and become insane. A month ago he left the temple in a hurry, wearing the lenses, and said that he would find his god who was held captive in the Paragon Mountains. The paladins fear for their high priest, and they have not yet been able to find him. They ask the party to go into the dark mountains and free his spirit from this madness.

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