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Major Races[]

Base Race
  • Human Races
The lower caste of humans within the Empire, manes can be found on virtually every inhabited shard
The ruling caste of the Empire, the Imperials have conquered most of the known shards, exterminating all those who refuse to bend to their will.
A wild race of daring warriors, the Dryx'alin are the dark-dwelling descendants of an Imperial training camp.
  • Elven Races
Primitive hunter-gatherers, the wild elves are the descendants of the original elven races that can be found on dozens of backwater shards, hunting whatever creatures have proliferated there. Strongly independent, these elves have largely resisted the rule of the Empire, opposing them wherever they might find them.
The last of the true elves, the gray elves were driven from their home shards by the Empire, forcing them to live in transit, forming convoys of ships in the Outer Ring. These convoys are well hidden, since the elves have retained their strong spellcasting heritage, which they use to hide their ships and scout for dangers.
  • Giant Races
Thought to be the last descendants of some ancient giant empire, hill giants exist on dozens of shards as primitive hunters, possessing no true ties to any other giants.
Originally found on a handful of Inner shards, ogres and merrows are now bred and trained for battle by Imperial soldiers, who use them as shock troopers when they first land on a newly discovered shard.
For reasons unknown to the humanoid races, solitary storm giants have been discovered on many shards, seemingly looking for something amidst giant-sized ruins.
Originally found on Emilios, common trolls have been propagated by the Empire on hundreds of shards, due to their easily-controlled minds and highly resilient bodies. Scrags serve a special role as slaves on oceanic shards. Several other species can be found throughout the shards.
  • Draconic Races
Strongly tribal, lizardfolk (or sarquir among themselves) can be found on the shards of Ael'Plament, Cuesecan, Emilios, Sayatai and Therentil. They have largely resisted the influence of the Empire with their own forms of magic and guerrilla tactics, although a handful have been forced into slavery.
  • Other Races

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