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Classes are heavily changed in Legacy of Darkness, I based my class system on the 2nd Edition (the one I played first).

What is a Viking but a fighter with a certain outlook on life and warfare? A witch is really nothing but a female wizard. A vampire hunter is only a title assumed by a character of any class who is dedicated to the destruction and elimination of those loathsome creatures.

The same is true of assassins. Killing for profit requires no special powers, only a specific reprehensible outlook. Choosing the title does not imply any special powers or abilities. The character just uses his current skills to fulfill a specific, personal set of goals.

—Dungeon Master's Guide, 2nd edition

Of course I do not take this part to the word, in fact many class will exist like the paladin, the barbarian and the warlock, but no ninja (rogue), dread necromancer (arcanist) or other of those type of class. Due to the very low magic setting the Wizard was moved to prestige class and the cleric become more a holy warrior with blessing abilities (still good, magic was overpowered anyway). The classes will be fewer but more customizable. Based on the 1st and 2nd editions, it will feature many of the base class such assassin. I also use the Single class progression rule. I will keep a 3.5e aspect and include exotic variant class and campaign specific prestige classes.

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Expert Classes Edit

  • Assassin: A rogue trained to kill, assassins
  • Monk: A warrior who focus on self perfection.
  • Rogue: The same rogue he was okay like that.

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Prestige Class Edit

  • Bard: The bard, but in a prestige class.
  • Druid: The druid remade in a prestige class.
  • Wizard: The wizard prestige class is stronger than the base class.

Campaign Specific Prestige Classes Edit

Heroic Classes (Epic Prestige Class) Edit

NPC Classes Edit

  • Aristocrat: The class of nobles and riches, good set of skill and useful in battle.
  • Commoner: Completely useless class.
  • Cleric: Very different from the base cleric, is able to emulate divine spellcasting with a series of abilities. More a NPC class but still playable for PC.
  • Expert: A class who focus on skills.
  • Savage: A NPC class more suited for combat.

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We are a mockery of life, we are abominations, we are damned, but WE are immortals my brothers!
—Rhanadekunak, Lich Councillor
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