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Leziad (talk)
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Date Created: 22 April, 2008
Status: Under Construction
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Legacy of Darkness[]

For Players
The World

One day, a big spark of light covered the sky. It was not known what happened but the world was shattered in hundred of pieces, killing most of the global populations. Slowly the civilization began rebuilding, and slowly they began to forget about everything that happened. In the end no knew about the other shards anymore, they were forgotten. Each shards developed it own culture it own weapons. 10000 years after the shattering, a nation of mane developed transport between the shards, a new world was about to be formed...

100 years since the races of the mist developed transportation between the shards. The inner ring is growing more prospered and trade relation between the inner race began, even regular transport between the worlds was developed. The time of Mane and the other human descendants seem to have begun, their realms were many and they eventually colonize most of the inner ring. Even if the outer ring remain a mystery, colonist of the main shard nation were sent to the yet unknown outer world. The flame of wars burned as hunger raised amongst the race of the mist, the Palantium empire, nation of the so-called imperial raised in power quickly and began a large scale conquest campaign. Being the only super-power in mist, few can hope to stop them, they conquered shards by shards a large part of the inner ring, thus pushing other race to the outer rings. Many died on the hostile worlds of the outer ring, and eventually entire kingdoms disappeared under the crushing power of the imperial, many of conquered nations began rebelling, other poorer people simply succumb to piracy and crime. Other nation simply fled in the outer rings, these nation found beast to tame, resource to exploit and native to enslave... Since 10 000 years each shards prospered in isolation and peace and now that peace is broken. Take your side.

As a sidenote, Legacy of Darkness isn't science-fiction, the flying ships between the shards are rarely made of metal, and magic is used to make them fly. People still fight with (slightly more advanced) swords, there are still castles and dragons, and all that good stuff. Thank you, and we hope you enjoy.

The Palantium Empire care only for the good of it's citizens, and we think everyone should share the good and fair life of the Empire.
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