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The Lamps[]


A lamp of hundred wishes, I wonder what inside?

The Lamps of Hundreds wishes are extremely powerful items. They were create by a mysterious guild of demonbinders in the desert of Isaloa (or in your campaign desert). The wizards of the guild, whose name was lost in history, bounded their prey in lamps. These wonderful lamps can be made of any material but said material is compatible with the nature of the genie (Efreeti in a brass lamp, for example). They sealed the lamps with powerful magic so powerful that even the mightiest genie could not break the enchantment. Their magic also forces the genies to grant a wish to anyone possessing the lamps. However the demonbinders knew the lamps would be overused by mortals so they configured their enchantment in a way that after one-hundred wishes were granted the magic binding the genies evaporates. Unfortunately, what the demonbinders didn't foresee was the bad habit of recently freed genies to try to kill and torture the one who made the last wish. So many poor souls who found a lamp with very few wishes remaining died of horrible pains, or if they were lucky, turned into a funny thing by a good genie. As stated above the lamps have only one-hundred wishes to grant, not one hundred wishes per owner, The user have no way to know how many wishes remain in the lamps because the lamps magic doesn't force genies to reveal it, which makes using the lamps risky at best.


When the player first use the lamp roll a D%:

Table Genies Powers Level
DC Type of Genie Description
1 Ridiculously Weak The Genies grant wishes only equal to 1th and level 2th spells or less with a chance of failure of 10%1.
2-5 Extremely Weak The same as level 1 but can make mundane items wroth up to 50 gp/genies power levels or less by wish.
6-10 Very Very Weak As 2-5 but can duplicate the effect of 3th levels spells.
11-15 Very Weak As level 6-10 but with 100gp/power level.
16-20 Weak As level 11-15 but can duplicate the effect of 4th level spell.
21-25 Poor As level 16-20 but can duplicate the effect of 5th level spell.
26-30 Bad As level 21-25 but with 200gp/ power levels.
31-35 Common As level 26-30 but can conjure magic items (not only mundane).
36-40 Minor As level 31-35 but with no failure chances.
41-45 Lesser As level 36-40 but with 300gp/ power levels.
46-49 Near Average As limited wish Spell.
50 Average As wish Spell. spell.
51-55 Above Average As level 50 but with 500gp/ power levels. (51x500=25500) (Wish= 25000)
56-60 Greater As level 51-55 but can duplicate the effect of a 9th level spells.
61-65 Major As level 56-60 but the effect is cumulative like two wishes (except for item creation).
66-70 Strong As level 61-65 but with 600gp/ power levels.
71-75 Very Strong As level 66-70 but the effect is cumulative like three wishes (except for item creation).
76-80 Powerful As level 71-75 but can duplicate the effect of 10th level spell (epic spell) with a DC of 100 or lower.
81-85 Very Powerful As level 76-80 but with 700gp/ power levels.
86-90 Incredibly Powerful As level 71-75 but can duplicate the effect of 10th level spell (epic spell) with a DC of 200 or lower.
91-95 Mighty As level 86-90 but with 1000gp/ power level.
96-99 Almighty As level 91-95 but the effect is cumulative like four wishes (except for item creation)..
100 Godlike No gp limit, can do thing only deities may do (count as 1 divine rank for the purpose),
can resurrect person otherwise "forever" gone.
  1. When a wish fails it is wasted.
  2. The DC is also the power level of the Genies.
  3. The wishes of a lamp of Hundred Wishes cost no EXP.

Power Level: The genie's power level determine what he(she) can do, and it also influences their ego (a godlike genie is far more arrogant than a ridiculously weak one). The appearance of a genie changes depending on its power level. A weak genie will be small and ridiculous and a mighty is...mighty.


Roll a D% to determine the alignment of a genies, use this table to better determine it:

Table Genies Alignement
DC Alignment Ego Bonus
1-10 Lawful Good +5
11-20 Neutral Good +0
21-30 Chaotic Good -5
31-40 Lawful Neutral +10
41-50 Neutral +5
51-60 Chaotic neutral +0
61-70 Lawful Evil +20
71-80 Neutral Evil +15
81-90 Chaotic Evil +10
91-99 Reroll ----------
100 The Demonbinders didn't bind a genie
but a random fiend, roll for initiative!

If the result is 100 determine the fiend in any fiend table you can find. After the fiend is defeated the lamp turns in a non-magical lamp, except that the oil burned inside will always smell horrible. If the fiend kills the user, he returns to the lamp to await his next victim (another of the demonbinders' trick to make those lamps less tempting).


In order to determine the ego of the genie, the DM must combine some factors:

  • 1/2 of his power level
  • His personality
  • His alignment

You may choose is character or roll a D20 three times, either choice you can refer to this table:

Table Genies Personalities
DC Personality Special
1 Arrogant +5 Ego
2 Trickster Try to twist every wishes in a funny way (for him)
3 Overconfident Double Ego
4 Angry When conflict occur, it alway brutal
5 Stupid Twist even reasonable wishes (involuntary)
6 Prig +5 Ego
7 Prideful +10 ego against character with levels below power levels/2
8 Sense of Humour Add little harmless surprises to wishes
9 Cruel (Evil only) Wish twisting is the most disastrous possible
10 Pure Heart (Good or Evil) Double alignment ego bonus
11 Pleasing (Good Only) Wish twisting is the least harmful possible
12 Naive (Non-Evil Only) Try to make better than what asked (often with bad result)
13 Shy -10 ego against character above power with level above power levelsx2
14 Realist -5 Ego
15 Generous Make reasonable wish better.
16 Pervert -25 Ego if the character is of the opposite gender
17 Underconfident Ego/2
18 Honourable Avoid twisting wishes
19 Humble -5 Ego
20 Roll Twice Ignore any other 20

When All Wishes Are Used...[]

When all wishes are used the magic dissipates. The last owner of the lamps must make a diplomacy check equal to the ego of the genie. If the character fails the DC the genie unleashes his/her fury on them. Chaotic genies are always harsher then lawful one.

When the lamp is found roll a D% to determine the remaining wishes.

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