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Symbol: Some mark or other
Home Plane: The Warp
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Portfolio: War, Martial Honor, Nobility, Strategy, Tactics, Bravery, Destruction, Strength, Fire, Rage, Anger
Clergy Alignments: Any
Domains: War, Strength, Law, Fire, Wrath, Anger, Hatred, Destruction, Martial
Favored Weapon: Axe, Hammer, Sword

Summary::Khorne is the blood god and the mightiest and oldest of the Chaos Gods thanks to the extreme levels of violence present throughout the multiverse. In fact, some say that he indeed is the mightiest of all the gods. He sits on a mountain made of all the skulls of those who have died violently, and is surrounded by a moat filled with all the blood ever spilled. His throne is made out of the skulls of all the upstart war gods he has killed himself. He appears as a hulking red skinned figure clad in mighty fullplate armor armed with a greatsword.

Despite being called a Chaos god, Khorne is very orderly, having military precision in all the things he does.


Khorne is said to have inherited a martial nobility and honor, and considers the weak and helpless to be unworthy of his wrath. Those who slay the weak and helpless risk Khorne's wrath. Indeed he has smited entire armies of his followers for daring to harm the weak, and has destroyed even more armies of his foes for the same transgression. He also hates trickery, deception, and cheating, regarding these to be some of the greatest transgressions against him. He requires that all followers obey and respect their superiors and work their way up their ranks fairly and also holds that they must limit their amount of pleasure or pain, for these things strengthen Slannesh.

He requires that his followers bring constant war to his foes as well, and to always act on grudges, he cares not as to where the blood flows, only that it flows.

His associated number is eight, reflected in the organization of his armies, and in smaller matters such as the number of syllables in a daemonic follower's name.

Clergy and Temples[]

Khorne's followers are without exception warriors. His followers build no temples but rather worship him on the battlefield. To devote time to building temples rather than fighting would more likely incur Khorne's wrath than please him. Worship of Khorne is purely through bloodshed; it is said that any follower who allows a day to pass without contributing to this act of worship will incur Khorne's displeasure.


Khorne belongs to the Pantheon of the Chaos gods. However as any scholar of the warp knows, this pantheon is not a united one. Khorne hates Tzeentch for his constant trickery and deceptions, and hates Slannesh even more for his hedonistic lifestyle. He is on lukewarm terms with Nurgle, liking him for his death aspect, but still thinking that his usage of disease is dishonorable.

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