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Khayal GenieEdit

[[Summary::Genies from the plane of Shadow get different powers than genies of the main elemental planes]]

Class: Class::Genie

Level: 1, 3, 5, 14

Replaces: Planar Traits, Genie Powers, Greater Planar Traits, Awesome Planar Traits


Planar Traits:

  • Black Candle: A Khayal can use Darkness and Light at will as spell-like abilities.
  • Immunity to Cold: A Khayal never takes any cold damage of any kind.

Genie Powers: A Khayal of 3rd level can cast Shadow Walk at will, instead of Plane Shift.

Greater Planar Traits:

  • Resistances: A Khayal has Acid, Electricity, Fire, and Sonic resistance 5.
  • Liar: A Khayal is immune to the Zone of Truth spell, and is always aware of when they are under examination by a Discern Lies spell. Lies of omission are never detected by Discern Lies aimed at a Khayal.

Awesome Planar Traits:

  • Discorporation: A Khayal can become incorporeal or corporeal as a standard action at will.

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