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Khāzak-Thrîl[edit | edit source]

Created By
Reno Sharp
Date Created: October 2011
Status: In Use For My Home Campaign
Editing: Please feel free to edit constructively!

Khāzak-Thrîl differs from a typical D&D campaign setting in that it has an expansive level of technology. It is nowhere near modern standards, however, but it is relatively advanced. The vast body of water known as the Aîovak Sea separates the 4 continents of the world, and to combat this, Engineers have mastered the creation of colossal airships known as zeppelins, and have known the secrets of building the enormous steam-powered behemoths they call boats. They use these amazing inventions not for war, but for travel and shipment of goods.

Svâsgjärd: Svâsgjärd, also known as "The Old Country", is indeed the oldest continent in Khāzak-Thrîl. It is mainly populated by Dwarves and Giants, and it is all but fruitless to get by in The Old Country without knowing the Dwarven tongue. Svâsgjärd lies far to the north and has a constantly cold climate; the only areas where it will warm up in the summer are in the fjords to the south, which still experience freezing temperatures when snow is not present. The inhabitants of Svâsgjärd have a general attitude that is unaccepting of technology, and it has a very old feel to the inhabitants of Eleandôr.

Eleandôr: Known as the mainland by members of the other continents, Eleandôr is the most advanced society in Khāzak-Thrîl. Primitive subcultures do exist here, but as a whole it is generally civilized. Humans are the most populous race here, but Eleandôr is extremely diverse, culturally and climate-wise. It is largely desert, but it snows in the south during the colder months, and almost all of Eleandôr experiences the full effect of the 4 seasons.

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