Greater Deity

Alignment: Neutral

Portfolio: Goliaths, competition.

Domains: Protection, Strength, Travel, War.

Favored Weapon: Greatclub.

Kavaki is the creator and guardian of the goliaths, guiding them safely from alpine meadow to snowy mountain peak and back again. He bids his followers to honor goliath heritage, to compete fiercely, and to act for the good of the tribe in all things. Cave paintings often depict him as a massively muscled goliath with curled ram horns emerging from his head.

Cleric Training: Because Kavaki is the chief of all chieftains, clerics of the goliath pantheon learn about him from their tribal chieftain. Every morning, the chieftain offers a prayer to Kavaki, often adding a brief homily or tale of Kavaki protecting the goliath people.

Quests: Whenever the welfare of one or more goliath tribes is at stake, Kavaki wants a cleric there. Kavaki’s agents often send brave goliaths to rescue tribes captured by giants or otherwise endangered.

Prayers: Worshipers of Kavaki often use comparisons to venerate their deity or make a rhetorical point. For example, a prayer of praise might begin “Kavaki, you are taller than the mountains and more constant than the stars themselves.”

Shrines: A simple wooden shrine to Kavaki stands within sight of the main campfire in a goliath camp. A ram skull often rests atop it. The goliaths design shrines to Kavaki to be portable when disassembled, but particularly good mountain campsites have more permanent, stationary shrines.

Rites: Kavaki is called upon in rites that honor a new chieftain, bestow a new honorific on a goliath, or bless a new campsite. The most common rites involving Kavaki are the ceremonies after particularly important games or competitions. Speaking on behalf of Kavaki, the ceremony leader compares the victors favorably to their opponents and exhorts all to strive even harder next time.

Herald and Allies: The herald of Kavaki is a titan with 20 Hit Dice that looks like a ram-headed goliath. His allies are hound archons, leonal guardinals, and hound archon heroes.

This information is based on the Races of Stone (3.5e).

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