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Karaumaretadoragi (pronounced car-oww-mare-eta-drag-i) are a race very close to dragons and dragonborn.But,they are elementals. The color of their scales decides what element(s) they can control.Each clan has a different Ichizokunonōryoku,or power,that is passed down through the generations.

Height=5'0"-6'6" Weight=100-200 lbs. Abilities=+2 to any 2 abilities Size=Medium Speed=6 squares,Fly 7 (and hover) Vision=Normal,Thermal Vision Languages=Draconic,Primordial,Karaumaretadoragon Skills=+2 to any 3 skills.

Name-Aura of Gods Class-Karaumaretadoragon Racial Power Type-Aura Usage-At-Will You call upon your god to save you. Effect-If a creature is inside your aura of power,then they are paralyzed.Every turn you deal them 1d8+your level damage.(2d8 at level 11 and 3d8 at level 21)

Play an Karaumaretadoragi if you want...

  • To be the heir of Zehir,Kord,and The Dragon Gods.
  • To be ruthlessly powerful yet noble.
  • To be part of a race that favors the rogue,warlock,paladin,and warlord classes.
  • To look like a dragon and have dragon wings.

Male Names:Kasainoshōnen,Kyūsuigakari,Kūkinoshōnen,Chikyūnoshōnen,anything masculine that involves elements

Female Names:Chikyushōja,Kasainononanoka,Mizunononanoka,Kūkinononanoka,anything feminine that involves elements

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