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Price: Varies
Body Slot:
Caster Level: Varies
Aura: Varied transmutation
Weight: 1 lb.

These stones can give magic to a weapon.

These smooth stones' semi-translucent mineral shapes swirl with vibrant patterns and energies. Containing a large amount of arcane power, these so called kamaris stones can be used to upgrade particular items and make them more powerful and effective. Because of the enormous energies innate in the kamaris stones, using them to empower an item is potentially dangerous and may have unforeseen consequences, such as the destruction of the item.

Kamaris can be used in order to give 1 point of magical enhancement bonus to items of at least masterwork quality, or to further increase its current bonus by 1 point, to the maximum of the stone's enhancement bonus.

Table: Types of Kamaris
Type Success Rate Break Rate1
+1 75 % 1%
+2 65 % 3%
+3 55 % 6%
+4 45 % 10%
+5 35 % 15%
  1. Upon failure, roll a d% to determine whether the
    item survives the enhancement process.

Kamaris are one use items and are consumed after the enhancement attempt.

Value: 1,500 gp (+1), 5,850 gp (+2), 11,000 gp (+3), 15,750 gp (+4), 18,900 gp (+5).

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