Description Edit

These boots were first found in the heart of the Akarii Ki, a volcanic hideaway for the dragonfolk. No one knows if they possessed any mystical powers before they were placed there, but, according to the Dragonborn that resided there, sometimes patches of the boots would appear translucent. There are two bright, blue glyphs on the tongue of each boot, not coming from any language known in the Realms, causing some to believe that they were a gift from the Deities.

Abilities Edit

D and D Picture

What they look like. (Non-translucent)

The wearer gains +2 AC while wearing these boots.

if you speak the command word, which is the current owner's first name backwards (that can be figured out by a player casting the Detect Magic spell, then the Keyword spell.), you become invisible along with everything you are carrying. All Stealth (Dexterity) and Slight of Hand (Dexterity) checks automatically succeed, as long as you are not wearing heavy armour. If you are, gain a +5 modifier to the checks instead. If you are knocked unconscious, receive fatal damage, become petrified or fall prone, the effect ends. When you are invisible, you can see any other invisible creature within 15 feet as if they were in clear light, and 30 feet as if they were in dim light. Your sight remains normal when you are invisible, except you can not discern colour, and can only see in shades of grey. Non-invisible beings and objects are still visible to you, and they can still inflict damage on your character if they land a successful hit on your character.

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