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Balance: Wizard

Item Eater {{#set:Type=General}} Summary::Not only do you eat people, but you eat items too. Prerequisites: [[Prerequisite::1 Least Shift]]When you say "I like swords", you mean something different from when the Fighter say it.Benefit: You can eat items to gain the ability to manifest them as part of your body. Treat all items you have eaten as Least Shifts you have learned; you can activate and deactivate them (affectively generating and absorbing them) as you would a normal shift. If an item you are manifesting is removed from your body, it ceases to function, and you forget the ability to manifest that item. Charges of items are kept track of in between manifestations; if you manifest a scroll you have eaten and then use it, it will remain blank no matter how many times you try manifesting it again.

In addition, you gain the ability to eat items without suffering indigestion. It never takes you more than 1 hour to eat an item, and can often take more like a standard or free action, if you can swallow it in one gulp.Special: Since the items are now mystically part of your body, they no longer have weight.

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