Symbol: A cross comprised of intersecting arrows

Home Plane: The Blessed Fields Of Elysium

Alignment: True Good

Portfolio: Destiny, Mercy, Compassion, Bravery, Travel

Clergy Alignments: Any good and Any Neutral

Domains: Good, Healing, Protection, Travel, Fate

Favored Weapon: Specialty Whip

Summary: Istus was originally an unborn child of gods whom she never knew, but her destiny lied elsewhere. A deeply caring Goddess. She personally selects followers to be Holy Paladins of hers and uses them as ambassadors to the mortal world. Only said paladins have ever seen her face.

Dogma Istus wishes her followers to attempt diplomacy in all confrontation before employing violence, however, after said diplomacy fails she prefers her followers fight bravely to the last rather than show cowardice. Her paladins preach mercy to the injured regardless of circumstance, and stress that every individual has a set-path in life, and that to lose that path is to lose ones' self.

Clergy and Temples followers of Istus are few and rarely congregate. Istus prefers her follower's prayers reach her ears independently. The average follower of Istus will be a lone traveler on their own pathway to destiny, who heals any who request it and often those who do not.

Pantheon Istus resides under Altana the Mother Goddess of the Vana'dielian pantheon.

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