Running a CampaignEdit

Players on Isla Sorna are in for a rough time if you DMs don't plan things right. Here are a few tips to keep your players from becoming dino chow.

Keep the larger predators away from the party until you judge them to be a high enough level to handle them.

When having them encounter the raptor packs for the first time, it is recommended that you use the more freindly Village pack. The Embryonics and High Point packs are more likely to dislike the players.

Humaniods do not spook herbivores, but anything resembling a predator will have them either stampeding or attacking. The Winged Raptor Player should be told to lead the rest of the party away from large herds of prey animals. After all, it's no fun getting stepped on by a Brachiosaurus.

All predatory species will attack humaniods, assuming them to be easy prey. The bigger the Predator, the safer it might be to just run.

Small players will be in great danger at all times on Isla Sorna, from both Predators and herbivores. Having small players carried is a very good idea.

Campaigns on Isla Sorna can be run in two ways, either as a free lower level campaign, in which the players discover the island, and have adventures, or as a higher level campaign in which the players come to the island to help the WInged Raptor member of their party.

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