Packs and the Pack LeadersEdit

Each pack has its own area, and its own traditions.

The Raptor packs are initially indifferent to the players, but will protect them on pack land. If players come to the island with a Winged Raptor in the party, that Raptor's pack will be helpful, and all others freindly. This rule applies differently to the Embryonics Pack, which is one step lower in its attitude.

Embryonics PackEdit

This is the pack near the original cloning lab. They have the least respect for humanity, because they know all about the orignal intent of their creators. They are led by a female Shaman named Stormcaller.

Village PackEdit

The pack close to the Worker's Village is the one that could be considered freindliest towards humaniods, because of all the fun and interesting things they can play with in the Village. They are lead by a male Tracker named Soft Step.

High Point PackEdit

The Raptors at High Point are the most likely to leave the island. They are incessantly curious about anything not from the island, and have a very large collection of junk that washed up from the beach. They are led by a female Shaman named Great Wind

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