On Isla Sorna, The Winged Velociraptors have discovered magic. They know of three types of magic, Shamanistic (Clerical), Forester (Druidic), and Mystical (Psionic).


Sorna Shamans tap into Divine power to help the pack in many ways, like summoning a wind to aid in flight, creating a storm to mask the approach of a hunting party, or creating a fog to assist in an ambush. They do not often go out on hunts, prefering to practice their art. Shamanistic magic is based mostly on natural domains. Sorna Shamans do not actually worship a god, mainly because they don't know of any.


Sorna Forester raptors use Arcane magic devired from their connection to the natural world. They have many strange and unique powers, and are known to have smaller species of dinosaur work for them. They are revered for their knowledge of Isla Sorna's ecosystem, and the advice they give to pack leaders regarding the best way to maintain the island. They are key in keeping the prey population alive.


Sorna Mystics gain access to Psionic magic at an early age, and can manifest it in many ways. They do not often feel comfortable with a pack because of their powers, and prefer to hunt and live alone, only coming back for mating season. They are regarded as mysterious and powerful creatures, and most normal winged raptors would not relish the idea of picking a fight with them.

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