Isla Sorna GeographyEdit

The island boasts a tropical jungle, a temperate forest, beaches, plains, a huge grassy meadow, and several rivers. Is this Isla Sorna a factious Island ?

Geographic FeaturesEdit

Stating along the island's exterior.

The Great BeachEdit

The Great Beach is a miles long beach bordering the game trails. It is located along the eastern side of the island.

Crown's BayEdit

A small bay just south of the Great Beach, it is home to the Compsognathus nest, and a dangerous place to go alone.

The Beach of the SunEdit

The best place on the island to watch the sun rise, and a favorite spot of Foresters.

Good PointEdit

A small mountain, devoid of predators, Good point is located close to the southern beach of the island, just east of the mouth of the Deep Channel River.

Magdelena TipEdit

A small, hilly area, home to many bipedal herbivores. A favored hunting ground of the Embroyonics pack.

The Sea of BrassoEdit

A large area of water leading the the Brasso river, this boastes excellent fishing.

The Game TrailsEdit

This area runs paralel to the Great Beach, and is home to many species of dinosaur, both predator and prey.

Rex GorgeEdit

Close to the Rex nest, this is a favorite hunting ground of both the Rex family and the High Point pack. Both groups make it a point to avoid each other.

San Fernando Mountain RangeEdit

A series of mountains, this area is a favored grazing zone for many of the larger herbivores. The Rex family occasionally hunts there, but the risk is very high.

The White WoodEdit

These woods are the favorite living and hunting grounds of the Foresters. No Raptor enters without permission.

The Deep ChannelEdit

A large, deep river, this area is very, very, very dangerous, as it is home to the Spinosaurus. This dangerous creature acts like a irratable crocodile on land, chasing after anything it sees. The river is a favored hunting ground because it is deep enough for the Spinosaurus to swim in.

The Hidden LagoonEdit

The gathering point of the Winged Velociraptors, where they go once a year for mating season.

The MeadowEdit

A large open area, featuring many herbivorous species, this is place is a favorite hunting ground for the Spinosaurus.

Important PlacesEdit

These are some places important in Isla Sorna's past.

Embryonics LabEdit

This is where the magic happened. Forty years ago, in these building, the first dinosaur was cloned and hatched. For ten years, dinosaurs were created and sent to another nearby island for a zoo. When the zoo was closed for "technical difficulties" (translation: guests kept getting eaten), the scientists in the lab were cut lose. Finding themselves with nothing to do, they began meddling where they had been formerly cloning. The results of their ill-advised experimentation lead to the creation of the Winged Velociraptors, and the scientists deaths. There is, however, a rumor amongst the raptor packs that one human survives to this day.

The Worker VillageEdit

Back when the island was being used to create dinosaurs, a large group of maintanence workers were required to keep everything running. This is were they lived. It had gift shops, food stores, and a large computer lab, as well as vehicles. No one but raptors lives there now.

The High PointEdit

There isn't much at the High Point, except for a single three room building and a concrete pad which has been converted into the High Point pack's nest.


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Map of Isla Sorna

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