DX (Prions)Edit

Prions are the simplest disease-causing entities known, even simpler than viruses. They are protein fragments. They are so simple they can't even invade a body. They have to be passively ingested.

The Dinosaurs on Isla Sorna developed a prion disease called DX, from a bad batch of sheep protein extract. The dinosaurs were being fed sheep's milk. The prions are excreted in feces. The Compys were scavengers used on the island as waste management; they spread the protein over carcasses, and other scavengers became infected. Eventually all the Raptors were infected. Raptors attack healthy animals, not always successfully. One bite and the animal becomes infected.

It took a decade for the Winged Raptors to overcome this disease, but they must always be cautious. Prey that has scars from previous attacks are ignored, the Compys are never eaten, and the raptors never kill other predators with their mouths. Still, there is always a chance of becoming infected.

Whenever anything from the island is eaten, there is a 10% chance of infection. The disease causes slow madness, and eventual death. The only cure requires a forester, a shaman, and a mystic to work together, to isolate the prions in the infected raptor's body and remove them.

Table: Diseases
Disease Infection DC Incubation Damage
DX (Prions) Ingested 16, Injury 13 1d6 days 1d4 Int1
  1. Until cured, this disease causes 1d4 points of Intelligence damage every day, and permanently reduces Int by 1 every three days.
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