Adventures and QuestsEdit

Isla Sorna is home to many things, and it is having some problems.

Here are a few example quests.

Dinosaur RaidersEdit

A corrupt sea captian has hired mercenaries to capture Winged Raptors and other dinosaurs so he can sell them. Strangely enough, he is suceeding. Stop this greedy man before the raptors decide to take revenge on humanity as a whole.

The Crazy ClonerEdit

While exploring the Embryonics lab, you come across a strange and deranged man who has begun creating horrible mutated dinosaurs that obey his every command. He has decided he wishes to rule Isla Sorna, and the only things standing in his way are the Raptor Packs. Help the raptors defeat this crazy scientist before the mutants take over the island.

(currently coming up with ideas for mutant dinosaurs)

Tourist TrapEdit

A group of vacationing people has become trapped on the island in the Spinosaurus' territory. Rescue them before they are all turned into lunch.

Egg SnatcherEdit

Something has been steaing eggs from the Winged Velociraptor nests, and the raptors need some help. Investigate the situation, and help them recover their eggs.

The Control ModuleEdit

Deep in the Embryonics lab is a device that can be used to control the unintelligent species of dinosaur. A lone villian has somehow made his/her way into the facility, and activated the device. The villian is now waging war against the Winged Raptors. Defeat this megalomaniac, before they attempt to take over the world.

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