Characters in Iron and Shadow are typical pathfinder characters. Classes and prestige classes are those presented in the Pathfinder Core Rulebook or the APG. All alternate class features and alternate racial features are available as well.

Play tests put out by Paizo (such as the Magus, which at the time of this writing is in the play test stage) are allowed as well, though they should be updated as the play tests move forward.


Characters from the basic races, humans, elves, etc. will be made with a 20 point buy, with one exception, only one stat may have points sold out of it. Other races (aasimar, tiefling, etc.) may be allowed with a reduction in points allowed.

Characters will start at level 3 and standard gold and advance by the fast experience point system to level 8. After level 8 they shall gain a feat every 5,000 xp.


All alignments may be considered but preference will go to non-evil alignments.

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