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{{#set:Summary=With a surge of energy you release your spiritual energy out of your body, granting you great bonuses to speed. }} {{#set:Discipline=Anima River|Type=Boost}}

Inertial Burst
Anima River (Boost)
Level: Level::4
Initiation Action: Swift
Range: Personal
Target: Self
Duration: 1 round

A massive spiritual wind erupts from you and carries you along as you move, turning every step into a rocket powered blast of speed!

Your spiritual energy blasts out of your body and thrusts you forward much faster than mere running. Until the end of your turn, you gain an enhancement bonus to speed as a monk of your initiator level. A 7th level initiator would gain the speed bonus of a 7th level monk (20 feet).

This maneuver is a supernatural ability.

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