The caverns breached by the Redspeckle Mine are natural caverns, with unworked stone walls and floors. In a few areas, the miners have installed wooden platforms, lantern brackets, and similar to speed exploration. Except for those platforms, where they have not been destroyed by the Azers, the entire cavern is difficult terrain, slowing movement speed to half.

Damp PassageEdit

The ladder drops onto a wooden platform in a damp passage. Hard rocks with the characteristic red and golden speckles of the mountain line the two sides of the narrow (10' wide) cavern passage. The platform fills the width of the passage almost to the walls, but is only about 20' long. Thin trickles of water can be seen flowing beneath the platform. Facing the ladder, the passage slopes slightly downward to the left.


Up the cave, it twists and turns for about a hundred yards, and then reaches a cave shaft leading up, with a small waterfall (more of a large trickle down the side of the cave wall) down its edge coming from a hole too small to crawl through easily about 50' up. The waterfall is supplemented noticeably by small trickles of water leaking out of the porous rock. The DC to climb the cave wall is (DC __), and crawling through takes an Escape Artist check (DC __). On the other end is the Cave Reservoir


The reservoir is a flooded cavern, surrounded by rock walls and floor. It is not directly connected to anywhere else except through water leeching through porous rock, and so most of the blind fish that swim in it are too small to be aggressive toward PCs, supported by magical growths of unrecognizable microscopic plants, and by nutrients washed down through the water table. However, the magical ecosystem also supports (beast), which are aggressive. In the mud at the bottom of the reservoir is (treasure) (Spot DC __) and (treasure) (Search DC __)

Open CavernEdit

About twenty yards downcave from the ladder, the cavern turns sharply to the right, and then opens into a larger round cave, about 40' to the far wall away from the PCs and 30' wide at its widest point. In this cave is a (monster for a first combat encounter)

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