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Hypo Canister


Cost: Varies
Damage (Small): Varies
Damage (Medium)1: Varies
Range Increment:
Weight2: ½ lbs
HP4: 1
Hardness: 5

1. See Damage Increases by Size to calculate the damage for a weapon larger than Medium or smaller than Small.
2. Weight figures are for Medium weapons. A Small weapon weighs half as much, and a Large weapon weighs twice as much.
3. When two types are given, the weapon is both types if the entry specifies "and", either type (player's choice at time of attack) if the entry specifies "or", or each end of the double weapon is a different type if the entry specifies "/".
4. The hp value given is for Medium armor, weapons, and shields. Divide by 2 for each size category of the item smaller than Medium, or multiply it by 2 for each size category larger than Medium.

Hypo Canister[edit | edit source]

[[Summary::Hypo canisters are small glass compartments that contain certain substances, and that are used by injecting them with the hypo pistol delivery system.]] Standardly, each hypo canister is depleted after three uses. Hypo canisters can contain a myriad of different drugs, ranging from medicine to stims. Some of them are beneficial, yet others are hazardous to the user's health.

Canister Types[edit | edit source]

The different types of ammunition for the hypo pistol can be classified and categorized in different levels of effects. These levels are quite akin to spell levels, wherever applicable, and behave as such. The maximum level of a hypo canister is 6th. Where applicable, the save DCs for the effects of the canister and its cost can be found at the header of each table.

Table: Level 1 Canisters (DC 11)
Value 15 gp

Type Effect Special
Healing Hypo, Light Cures 1d8+1 points of damage on injection Deals 1d8+1 damage when injected in undead (Will half)

Table: Level 2 Canisters (DC 13)
Value 90 gp

Type Effect Special
Healing Hypo, Moderate Cures 2d8+3 points of damage on injection Deals 2d8+3 damage when injected in undead (Will half)

Table: Level 3 Canisters (DC 14)
Value 225 gp

Type Effect Special
Berserker Stims User becomes hasted for 5 rounds. During this time, he also suffers a -2 penalty to Wisdom and Charisma, but a +4
morale bonus to Will saving throws against fear effects and enchantment spells.
Healing Hypo, Serious Cures 3d8+5 points of damage on injection Deals 3d8+5 damage when injected in undead (Will half)

Table: Level 4 Canisters (DC 16)
Value 420 gp

Type Effect Special
Healing Hypo, Critical Cures 4d8+7 points of damage on injection Deals 4d8+7 damage when injected in undead (Will half)
Horse-B-Down Tranquillizer Initial Fort save vs. numbing, and secondary Fort save vs. unconsciousness 2 rounds later. Creatures that make the
initial save will only be numbed if they fail the secondary save. Effects wear off in 1d6×10 minutes, cumulative for
additional trancs used. Creatures that save take a -2 penalty to attack rolls and skill checks for 1d4 rounds.

Table: Level 5 Canisters (DC 17)
Value 675 gp

Type Effect Special
Spellbouncer Hypo This purply glowing hypo canister grants spell resistance 21 when used. This effect lasts for a total of 9 minutes.

Table: Level 6 Canisters (DC 19)
Value 990 gp

Type Effect Special
Heal Stim Cures 110 points of damage on injection, removes adverse conditions similar to a heal spell Deals 110 damage when injected in undead (Will half)
Neonate Hypo This powerful concoction literally restores life function to a dead creature, as per the
raise dead spell. The revived creature loses 5,000 XP or 1 level, whichever is less.
Unlike normal hypo canisters, the Neonate Hypo depletes
after only a single use.

Creation[edit | edit source]

The creation of hypo canisters is an alchemic process, that requires extensive knowledge of chemistry and chemicals as well. Making a hypo canister requires an empty canister (2 gp), and sufficient chemicals as base material. The actual crafting requires Craft (alchemy) and Heal checks with a DC of 13 + twice the level of the hypo canister.

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