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Hydraulic Plate[]

Hiiisss-clunk, hiiissss-clunk!

Summary::The bastard child of dwarven and gnomish science, this armor is so protective it requires augmentation merely to move.

The heaviest of heavy armor, hydraulic plate is built superfically like full plate, covering the entire body in metal. However, it significentally bulks the user up, for the metal plates are so thick no man could concievably move within it. Therefore between the outer armor and the user inside is a complex rubbery layer of fluid bladders which shift and move as the user does, adding extra pressure on certain joints to allow the otherwise immobile joint motion, and allow the user to move, hence the hydraulics in hydraulic plate. Such movement is much more clunky than normal walking, and so the penalties for this armor are much more severe.

Donning hydraulic plate takes twice as long as donning full plate.

Table: Hydraulic Plate
Armor Type Cost Armor Bonus Maximum Dex Bonus Armor Check Penalty Arcane Spell Failure Chance Speed Weight
Heavy Cost::2000gp +12 +0 −10 50% 15 ft.1 100 lb.2
  1. Creatures with 30 ft. speed are reduced to 15 ft., creatures with 20 ft. speed are reduced to 10 ft. Even dwarves are negatively hampered by the speed reduction, though less severely. Their speed is reduced to 15 ft.
  2. Because the suit is somewhat self supporting, the weight is only 100 lbs. for encumbrance, but actually 200 lbs. in total weight.

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