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Balance: Rogue

Hungry Glamour {{#set:Type=General}} [[Summary::The burrowing need of the Hollow Nymph discipline empowers you when it comes time to feed your darker appetites. Against the unwary and the unwise, the raw depth of your cravings lends you a supernatural conviction, and you can literally drink in some measure of their spirit to strengthen your own.]] Prerequisites: [[Prerequisite::One Hollow Nymph stance.]]Benefit: While you are in a Hollow Nymph stance, whenever a Bluff check you initiate succeeds against an opponent's Sense Motive check, that opponent becomes fatigued until they spend a full-round action that does not provoke attacks of opportunity to recover. If multiple opponents fail their Sense Motive checks against a single Bluff check you make, this feat applies against the opponent with the lowest check result. You gain a +3 feat bonus to Charisma checks and Charisma-based checks against fatigued or exhausted opponents.Special: Opponents fatigued by this feat may not be exhausted by it. Opponents fatigued by sources other then this feat (such as natural fatigue) may be exhausted as normal; spending a full-round action to recover ends their exhaustion but not their fatigue.

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