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Summary::Heart and blood increases the healing capabilities of constructs.

Humans have been known to augment themselves with artifical parts, both organic and inorganic, to achieve some enhanced effect on their bodies. Some warforged, upon seeing this practice, realized it could work in reverse. Thus did they become "cyborgs" of a different sort, applying flesh over metal and wooden parts to make a functioning whole. This was a blessing for warforged who wished to become more like living creatures, both those who became ReforgedRoE and those without the dedication to such class would occationally dabble in humanoid grafts. It was especially useful for female-minded warforged, who often were placed in male-oriented body frames and creating dissonance of body and mind. However, while they certainly gain more human traits some humanoids distrust the augmented even more than normal warforged, perhaps bordering too close to the uncanny valley, humanoid but not quite human.

The humanoid heart graft sets up a working living heart and blood vessels to pump a semi-organic "blood" through the body effectively. Besides granting a heartbeat and additional warmth, it grants natural healing. They can repair lethal damage, nonlethal damage, and ability damage by resting, just as other living creatures. They also now recieve full benefit from healing spells, but only recieve half benefit from the repair series of spells. For each humanoid graft which they possess they gain a +1 racial bonus on disguise checks made to appear as a humanoid creature.

Humanoid Grafts function only when applied to constructs; applied to any other creature and they rot away over the course of 2d4 days. During construction, spells are employed to bond the flesh to metal, but once applied it is forever a mundane part of the construct.

Graft Flesh (Humanoid), heal; Price Cost::10,000 gp

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