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Campaign Settings
Whole worlds to explore.
Races NPCs Sourcebooks
Constructs, humanoids, outsiders, undead and more. Everyone that isn't the players. Wiki-style D&D books.
Classes Monsters Variant Rules
Base, Prestige, Racial Paragon, NPC Classes. Monsters, monster and more monsters!. Supplemental, Transformational, and Radical Variant rules.
Character Options Templates Other
Feats, substitution levels, alternate class features, and more. Customize monsters and characters!. Leftovers, charts, flavorful bits and more.
Class Ability Components Deities Discussion
Spells, powers, invocations, vestiges, maneuvers and more. Extraplanar cosmic beings and ascended mortals. Our forum for discussions on various topics.
Equipment Environments Guidelines
Weapons, armor, adventuring gear, magic items and more. Planes, planets regions and locations. Helpful guidelines for creating wiki content.
Optimized Character Builds Maps Links
You have the rules, make them work for you. Continents, islands, cities, dungeons and more. Links to D&D Resources.
Quests Glossary
Stand-alone adventures. Types, subtypes, status conditions and creature abilities.

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