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{{#set: |Type=Major |Summary=The scythe of one who wants challenged Asmodeus. }}

His Scythe[]


As Asmodeus fell, he cursed the gods, swearing to them that he would have his vengeance. He smiled, knowing of the power he would soon have, knowing that he would soon turn the tide of the battle between good and evil. He smiled as he hit the ground. He smiled as the stone tore through his flesh scar after scar after scar. He smiled as he stopped in the middle of a giant chasm of stone. "This is my domain", A chilled voice behind him said, "What are you doing here?". Asmodeus stopped smiling. He turned around to face a large figure in a black hooded cloak, a skeletal hand protruding from the sleeve clutching a glowing purple staff. Upon the purple staff, etched into it where runes from the old language. They read He who wields me wields the World. Asmodeus collected himself and said, "Reclaiming what is rightfully mine." He summoned his ruby staff from oblivion and charged at the cloaked man. No one knows the outcome of that battle. It is said that the scythe lies stuck in the ground in Asmodeus's chambers, and he refuses to touch it.


His Scythe is a large scythe that is made of a glowing purple translucent material, it stands a good 7 ft. tall. On it are etchings that read what is written above.


  • His Scythe is a large +9 Vorpal Keen All Humanoid Bane Scythe made out of refined thinuan steel.
  • Refined thinuan is like regular thinuan except that there is no limit to the amount of souls that the Scythe can hold.
  • The wielder of the scythe may as a full round action release all the souls contained within the scythe in one mighty strike. If the attack is successful all the souls in the scythe are released into the target, dealing 10d6 damage per soul. The target must also make a will save (DC 25 +5 for every soul in the scythe) or die as the souls fight over his body and destroy it.
  • The wielder may make a retributive strike with the scythe as a full round action. Such an act must be purposeful and declared by the wielder. The wielder plunges the Scythe blade into the ground and releases all the souls in a whelm of power. The attack deals 10d6 damage to every creature within a 30ft radius. The wielder must also make a will save (DC 35) or die as his soul is taken by the scythe.

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