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{{#set:Summary=Firearm attacks ignore damage reduction, leave bleeding wounds. }} {{#set:Discipline=Black Rain|Type=Boost}}

Heaven-Shattering Volley
Black Rain (Boost)
Level: Level::8
Prerequisite: Three Black Rain maneuvers
Initiation Action: 1 immediate action
Range: Personal
Target: You
Duration: One round

Nothing survives the onslaught of a master gunslinger — even the gates of heaven would fall before his righteous steel. His bullets pierce even the most powerful bulwarks, leaving nothing but the flow of blood behind.

For the duration of this ability, any ranged attack you make with a firearm or ray weapon ignores damage reduction. In addition, every firearm attack you make leaves a bleeding wound, causing the foe hit by it to take 3 points of damage each subsequent round. The wounds are so grievous that neither magical healing nor normal Heal checks can stop their flow, though they can heal the damage after it has happened. Regardless of how many attacks you hit a creature with, the damage from bleeding is only 3 per round.

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