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Xehanort possessed by a Heartless

Heartless-Possessed Edit

Summary::A pitiful soul corrupted by the darkness in their hearts, and out to steal the hearts of others.

The Heartless are beings of darkness which manifest in two forms, "Pureblood" and "Emblem". While most Heartless are in fact manifest hearts, they behave entirely devoid of emotion, and were thus named "Heartless". Some Heartless are powerful enough to possess living organisms, corrupting their heart with the darkness that lies within all hearts and turning them into maniacal, evil shells of their former selves.

Creating a Heartless-Possessed Edit

Heartless-Possessed are created when any being gives in to the evil intentions of their heart; causing pain, destruction, and chaos as they go along in life. The following types of creatures can be made into Heartless-Possessed: Animal, Humanoid, Vermin, Magical Beast, Fey, Undead, Aberration, Giant, Monstrous Humanoid.

Size and Type Edit

A Heartless-Possessed character retains all physical stats of its former self.

Hit Dice Edit

A Heartless-Possessed character or creature's Hit Die goes up by one Die Category from its previous Hit Die. Does not extend passed d12. (Ex. d4->d6,d6->d8,d8->d10,d10->d12)

Speed Edit

A Heartless-Possessed character base land speed increases to a minimum of 40 ft.

Armor Class Edit

A Heartless-Possessed character does not gain any AC bonuses from becoming Heartless-Possessed.

Attack Edit

A Heartless-Possessed character is proficient in whatever weaponry it was using when it became Heartless-Possessed.

Full Attack Edit

A Heartless-Possessed character's weaponry works the same way it did before the character or creature became Heartless-Possessed.

Special Attacks Edit

  • Heart of Pure Darkness - Twice per day a Heartless-Possessed character may spend 1d4 worth of HP to add the result to a damage roll.
  • Submit! - Once per day a Heartless-Possessed character can try to awaken the darkness in an enemy's heart to control the target enemy as if they were casting Dominate Person.

Special Qualities Edit

  • Darkvision - A Heartless-Possessed character gains Darkvision for 60 ft.

Abilities Edit

A Heartless-Possessed character gains +2 to STR and DEX and -2 to CHA.

Skills Edit

A Heartless-Possessed character creature gains +3 bonus to Hide and Escape Artist skills.

Feats Edit

A Heartless-Possessed character maintains the same feats as their previous form, but gains Uncanny Dodge and Leadership that allows them to summon Heartless.

Environment Edit

Heartless-Possessed characters can be found nearly anywhere because there is darkness that dwells within all hearts.

Alignment Edit

A Heartless-Possessed character can be any Evil class.

Advancement Edit

A Heartless-Possessed character advances by character class.

Level Adjustment Edit


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