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Harp of the Wrath of Nature Level 5+
This beautifully crafted harp can call upon the wrath of nature.
Level 5 +1 1000 gp Level 20 +4 125000 gp
Level 10 +2 5000 gp Level 25 +5 625000 gp
Level 15 +3 25000 gp Level 30 +6 3125000 gp

Implement (Harp)
Enhancement: Attack rolls and damage rolls
Critical: +1d6 damage per plus
Power (4e Item Usage::Daily ♦ Sylvan): 4e Item Action Type::Free Action. Use this power when using a power that has the sylvan keyword. After resolving the power, deal 1d8 sylvan damage to each enemy in a close burst 1.
Level 15 or 20: 2d8 sylvan damage.
Level 25 or 30: 3d8 sylvan damage.

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