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Greater Deity
Symbol: A set of scales hanging from a double sides warhammer
Home Plane: The Holy Forum of Haran
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Portfolio: Law and Order, the Fulcrum and the scales, Justice
Clergy Alignments: Any Lawful
Domains: Knowledge, Law, Protection, Strength
Favored Weapon: Warhammer

Summary::Haran is the stern god of law and order and was the creator of both the fulcrum and the scales

Haran stands resplendent in the robes of a magistrate casually holding his warhammer at the ready to dispense both law and justice. Standing in his presence one can not help but feel the glory offered by a life devoted to order.

Dogma Edit

It was chaos that brought the first war and the suffering it bread. Do your best to live a life of order as well as to encourage others to do so. Seek to remedy all material problems in a lawful way. Do not involve yourself with the ideas of chaos or it's agents for they will only bring suffering to you.

Clergy and Temples Edit

The Clergy of Haran are stoic and stern dedicating themselves to the creation of a world controled by law and order. In this attempt the church of Haran often negotiates with nations to act as the court system dispensing a grim but lawful justice throughout most of Altinia. Because of the clergy's common role as magistrates their temples and churches are often part of the court building that they inhabit.

Pantheon Edit

Haran was the first ascendant deity from humanity. It was his actions that created the fulcrum and the scales which to this day bind the gods to the outer planes and prevent them from engaging in open war on the material plane. For this reason many of the gods have a strong dislike for Haran but give him the same respect they do to Yith and B'Garra.

For the most part Haran has fairly hostile relationships with the more chaotic gods such as Ropheus and Firsh while standing strongly with the lawful gods such as Ocscile and Alafax.

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