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Hammer of All-Forging
Price: 16,200 gp
Body Slot: — (Held)
Caster Level: 9th
Aura: Moderate transmutation; (DC 20)
Activation: Use activated (see text)
Weight: 6 lb.

The hammer seemed to pulse of waves of heat as Liwet slammed the bulk against the bag of golden coins. One would have expected a crunch of bent metal, but in a flash of light and steam the crafter did lift his hammer back up and opened the bag. In place of a full bag of gold was now a tiny nugget of something black and shining... adamantine, the rare and durable metal hidden deep away.

Sacred hammers forged with the names of gods of crafting along their quicksilver chromed heads, and glowing with eldritch energies, these hammers aid in the crafting of more than merely metals. With the arcane transmutation circles on the ends, when a hammer of all-forging hits valuables such as gold coins and jewelry it can be converted into new materials for the purposes of crafting items. Over the course of a crafting attempt, using the hammer can convert an amount of gold into an equal valued amount of, perhaps, adamantine which is required to complete your adamantine sword, or an equal amount of clay to complete your clay golem. The hammer only functions in this way as part of the craft check to produce an item, so to convert coins into jewelry, you would have to make a Craft Jewelry check.

Nearly any material can be crafted by the hammer of all forging, but materials with hardness greater than 20 fail even to the hammer's best ability. It is said that the original versions of this hammer, weilded by the crafting gods themselves, can forge even the most exotic of substances from valuables. When used as an improvised weapon, the hammer deals damage equal to a warhammer of its size.

Prerequisites: CL 9th; Craft Wondrous Item; fabricate, major creation; Market price 16,200 gp; 8,100 gp + 648 XP.

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